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  1. Have to go with Scandinavia due to the scenery
  2. Have to go with Calais as it's more spaced out compared to Duisburg and has more roads to exit whereas Duisburg only has the tunnel road and a one lane each way road to the East
  3. Not a big addition but l would like to see mileage signs added to base game at some point
  4. CiaranOg78

    add skin

    If ypur trying to install it for TMP it wont work as the only mods supported are weather mods and Promods, for single player however you need to put them in your mod folder then in game mod manager
  5. With so many new games coming out it never hurts to revisits some older games, is there any particular game you always enjoy coming back to? I personally always find The Witcher 3 a game that can be replayed repeatedly with getting boring.
  6. While l recognise that Volvo is better for speed and has higher horsepower, Scania will always be number one for me
  7. It would be a good idea, hopefully in the future visible dirt can be implemented to add even more realism (e.g from dirt roads or dust from desert landscapes)
  8. Refrigerated trailer purely for the fact you can get extra lights along the top of the trailer and also the container carrier trailer as l enjoy doing container work
  9. You never know they could maybe be added in the future as roadside additions (for design) to add more realism to the game
  10. 2k hours down many more to go


    1. Geology Rocks

      Geology Rocks


  11. There is actually no problem with the use of the term prospect, it would be frowned upon if these vtc's were using gang colours or MC however
  12. The change of sounds is due to the last update (1.37) with FMOD being intergrated into the game with some bugs to the sounds mainly when other trucks are nearby, the engine cutout is just the sound however and no power is actually being lost but all we can is wait patiently until it is fixed
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