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  1. Not the longest route but l would have to say Belfast-Sligo on Promods, being Irish and gone on the route countless times I can safely say Promods have done an amazing job making it true to life
  2. Metallic Black for my own personal truck and Sade (Black, White stripe and Black) for own trailer, however when im in vtc colours Sunrise because it looks good with any choice of colour
  3. Scania without a doubt, more specifically the 2009 R series as I prefer old school over new gen
  4. Been playing for almost a year and a half now and its helped me come out of my shell a bit more socially as I've gotten to know people in the community.
  5. CiaranOg78


    I would say so yes as said above it shows experience in managing a team as well as working as a team with others but it also highlights that you can work with the public when dealing with potential applications.
  6. If im creating a 4x2 (preferably a Scania) go all out and give it the nines as it will be used for events as well as jobs so presentation matters however any truck with a bigger chassis l go for a more basic look as it will only be used for jobs.
  7. CiaranOg78

    High Beams

    Just want to point out that this isn't an attack on anyone this is just for conversational purposes. When you are driving on TMP at night with your high beams on and see another driver coming towards you do you turn your high beams off until the driver has passed or keep them on? For me personally l would turn them off to simulate real life driving and for good etiquette so that l am not blinding the passing driver.
  8. 6x4 for shorter jobs when I dont feel like long drives but a 4x2 for the longer trips with the bigger fuel tanks
  9. Loving the Spring mod it gives a whole new atmosphere to the journey and photos. I've also noticed when you are driving and you take a moment to admire your surroundings you dont realise how quickly your journey has already gone.
  10. As said above giving the public free use of police cars isn't a good idea as it opens the door to admin impersonation however a server similar to real ops even if just for a weekend event where admin pull you over for routine checks/speed traps to add a roleplay element and increase interaction between players and moderators could be a nice touch.
  11. CiaranOg78

    WoT Events?

    At the end of another WoT event (well done to all who took part) I wanted to know which event has been your favourite so far, do you prefer the previous events where you choose your destination or maybe the One Truck Family format with designated collections and dropoff points? For me personally I would have to go with OTF as it was fun meeting people at the collection points and driving with them to the various dropoffs.
  12. A lot of it comes down to blaming the minority as guilty too through the actions of the majority. While there are players who drive the Skoda and keep within the rules a lot of people are so used to the cars being used by trolls (past experiences included) and will automatically categorise them all into one group. Just my two cents but removal of the car altogether is a bit extreme as people do enjoy driving them however it could be worth putting restrictions on where they are permitted i.e keep them out of the whole Calais-Duisburg area or just keep them to Arcade servers.
  13. In my opinion it comes down to personal preference, on the one hand when you're driving alone you can get more done as you don't have to wait for anyone however when driving with company the interaction makes the trip go by a lot faster.
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