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  1. Watch Dogs: Legion for two reasons, characters and story. Playing as random characters instead of a specific character takes away any connection to that character to the point you don't care if something happens to them. As for the story (without giving spoilers incase anyone hasn't played it) it just felt very underwhelming.
  2. Thank you for everything ❤️

  3. Looking forward to it, always an enjoyable event
  4. Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona duit 🇮🇪spacer.png

  5. Thank you for this looking forward to trying it out
  6. Liking the new feature, it's a great way to engage more activity within the forum.
  7. Mission failed....We'll get em' next time
  8. In the words of Journey....Don't Stop Believin
  9. You'll get there someday.....maybe.....probably not
  10. Thanks for the follow 😃

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      You're welcome 🙂

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  13. Additionally the server will kick you for 'high average ping' (600ms+) so it does not matter if you have 40ms or someone else has 250ms, as long as it stays belows 600ms average you won't be kicked.
  14. Thanks for the follow 😃

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