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  1. Se ti va aggiungimi e ci facciamo una partita insieme
  2. Of course is worth, Italy got some manu beautiful places you cant even imagine
  3. Add more trucks, more beautiful countrys and especially for MP adding bigger cityes
  4. I really like this new navigator with voice, in my opinion SCS should add more languages, i use it sometimes when i dont know the road i use the navi
  5. In my opinion they should remove this option and do a restricted area again, because C-D road is know forma crashing and dangerous driving, with the double trailer is impossible to drive in C-D, especially Duisburg with more than 100 people now
  6. I installed the mario map mod for version 1.34, every time I activate the mod from the mod manager on the game the loading bar comes in half and crash the game, how can I do? I downloaded the recent version 1.34 and activated in order from 1 to 11, I miss the DLC France and Scandinavia, is this the problem? Who can help me? Thanks
  7. I tried a couple of times to change nickname but after a couple of tries it appears that I can not change nickname until March 21, why these stupid things, Truckers MP? WHY? I just want to change nickname I dont do bad things, for a new name I have to wait? Looks like a ban in website can somebody help me? RecterX yes it changed 10 minuti after i doing the question here thank you for answering guys now i hot another nickname
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