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  1. I made this video for report him, but After When I tried to report him on TruckersMP, He changed his name and I didn't use pinfo at that moment because I was so anger, and I didn't think I had this skill (?) SO, Can't I report him and make him ban? If Can, How I can ?
  2. I think ATS is nice game and It has nice view-of night but Many users don't play ATSMP well, most of all playing ETS2MP on the guess,,,, Is it not funny? or not reality? anything else? I want to meet many users on ATSMP See you there have a nice day :))
  3. I think /home/ route is useful to me and users. But from some day on , It is can not use for many useful things I think It is private, So It may not to disturb other users' frame Am I wrong? or... anything else ? I just wanted to know about that
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