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  1. I like both but more ETS game than ATS
  2. What is your favorite DLC mapping ? Put another dlc, or more if you want tuning. Tell me why :))
  3. Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-8250 CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.40GHz 8.00 GB RAM 800GB HDD & 200 GB SSD GTX 660
  4. Considering that it is a simulator, I respect the speed limit imposed by the game, even if I would like to give it louder, I don't give it even better respect for the legal speed, as it is in everyday life :)))
  5. Considering that I am a secondary founder in RomaniaLGT, this is the strongest VTC type community from my point of view.
  6. Personally, all the dishes are beautiful, it would be ok to buy them all, but at the beginning I say that it goes to Scandinavia or Vive La France !
  7. Bun tutorial mai ales pentru cei incepatori !
  8. Avand in vedere ca nu camionul defineste care e cel mai bun sau cel mai putin bun, aici totul ramane la soferul ce il conduce, daca esti un bun sofer in joc si poate ai permis si in real life asta defineste calitatea de bun sau nu. Din puntul meu de vedere toate camioanele sunt foarte bune mai ales ca eu unu le-am testat pe toate si chiar pe salvarea mea le folosesc pe toate (de la fiecare marca cate unu), le folosesc zilnic cand joc ETS 2
  9. Adita_Adr


    @SaMuRaY Pai daca tot facem reclama , macar sa o facem bine :))
  10. Nice, cautam de mult asa ceva si abia acum am gasit, MS !
  11. Mult succes in continuare !
  12. @User_2731804 Acelea nu merg , singurele care merg sunt cele ce le gasesti aici: https://www.promods.net/ Orice alt mod care nu e compatibil cu TruckersMP vei primii kick de la server !
  13. Nice, ce bine ca sa lansat, asta da munca +RESPECT TruckersMP +RESPECT PROMODS
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