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  1. LeQula

    Speed ​​bumps

    Suggestion name: Speed bumps Suggestion description: It's worth to add on the cd route because the players would slow down on them and do not drive so fast and then there would be fewer accidents. It depends on this if we pass it faster we will shoot a piece and damage the truck. Any sample images: https://imgur.com/a/PMtJAwG Why is it worth adding? This will reduce accidents because players usually travel 150km / h and only 60km / h
  2. LeQula

    Parking sensors

    Suggestion name: Parking sensors Suggestion description: It depends on the fact that if we are going back or park it, we will be shown a screen on which we will show the degree of approach to the object, e.g. how we will be very close and it will shine and show red the point where we are so close on the screen . Any sample images: none Why is it worth adding? It is worth adding because some players are not able to use the mirrors and so it will be such parking support and there will be less hits in other players, such as back or park.