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  1. yes does work! https://imgur.com/a/UJ4ouHo A thing this double trailer we cant delivery or work?
  2. Ah ok thx This save-change means downgrading the game in version 1.32, installing the mod forerunner, modifying the trailer, saving and updating the game in the latest version. Right?
  3. yes though my question was could I have the double trailer different? 1 flatbed + 1 axles oh yeah i forgot somebody said you can edit it using a program called Tedit and i saw some videos on youtube. It seems difficult.
  4. Boomer, i like that mod. I will wait for update. thx
  5. Hello, i saw anyone players using this mods a double trailer with different boddies. Tedit https://ets2.lt/en/mp-new-trailer-double-configurations-and-more/ and i wanna install but doesnt work. How i do it? only i wanna use this mod. i know tripple is Ban in the server thx
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