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  1. [ROML]VictorSE

    Ford F-Max

    Confused it with a Volvo, but hey, it'd be cool to have it, it'll mean more diversity.
  2. Not really much, maybe 1-2 hours, depends when friends want to play too, haha
  3. That Argosy, I would love to drive it around.
  4. CoE trucks would be a great addition. Unfortunately americans don't rely on them as they used to, and SCS can't really get licenses for old trucks. Mack trucks would be a great adittion tho.
  5. Great DLC. A lot of work has been put to make it and is totally worth playing it. My only complain is that many secondary roads could have been used and much more of the Russian map could have been made. None the less, if you want to buy it and don't have enough money for full price, wait for a higher discount on Steam or buy it from other vendors.
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