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  1. I understand your purpose, but also you understand that because of your update adequate players who had no bans because of exceeding of speed suffer. Your mod is based on the game itself ETS2, where there is no speed limit, cars can drive at maximum. But why do you go away from the game and create your own rules? Arcade server is not something we always played with friends on mostly without breaking. But also now because of the restrictions there is no difference in cars. daf, man, volvo and others, what is their difference now except the names? you can easily remove it on some models of the same brand and leave one, economy cars killed ( and the game it is based on the machines) why earn money for a powerful car, if you limit my movement on it? p.s. sorry for my English, don't speak it. \\Is it really impossible to issue a speed limit to those who receive bans? It will be motivation not to break rules for everyone. In real life, people always exceed the speed and more than 110, this is normal ( including trucks without trailers, this is normal) they do not have any limiter for speeding and we get fines
  2. When you realize that your speed limit you killed the desire to play in the proportion of adequate players who played on their own. I propose to make a change to the following plan, remove the speed limit completely and issue it only to those who receive bans. Why should adequate players suffer because of others? I have this style of play, if there is no one on the roads, I always scored up to 150 km, I have little time for the game and want to perform as many orders. Yes, thank you that you discouraged me from playing your mod and I did not come with it after a terrible update in the history of fashion, but sooner or later you will realize your mistake.
  3. Completely ruined online mod! play at 110 km speed when THERE is no difference now between the cars. Just killed the game. Do not see any sense now to play, hopefully will have to make 2 server. Almost all friends scored on the game after a terrible update. If you wanted to enter your simulator, then you would enter it on other servers, without touching 2, where the majority always sat. The farther away, the fewer people will remain)))
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