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  1. As i drive trucks for a living i know these pretty wel there is no meaning for the flashing in the real world other than to greet or recognise one another or mabe just to show off your custom rig. genreally if your behind a truck and they start driving closer to the edge of the road and indicate towards the middle this could mean its safe to overtake and is considered good manners. flashing 4 ways or hazards usually means im slowing down some trucks of the modern era apply the hazards if thert ruck has to brake itself or you have gave the brakes some welly i know the new Actros does and maybe the next gen Scan if you are overtaking and indicate to come back in front of the driver your over taking if they are experiecend they would usually flash you in you could reply to this for courtesy by either using your hazards or signalling left, Right, Left your basically saying thank you sometimes you can be courtious not just by using lights if you are being overetaken donr just keep your foot down to slow the inevitable just slow down a bit and make the overtake a bit more quicker pretty sure i have seen this also in the comments
  2. i would to see this, in all fareness i would love to see other citys more populated just i9in general i can remember when the road to the europort would get congested bad
  3. To be fair there are some busy routes. Granted not as busy as ETS but the highways 5 & 10 get prtty crowded esp for Phoneix to LA. i usually see another Driver evry other 10 miles or so.
  4. Ahhhh I get you now I know there must be some agreement somewhere with PACCAR as they now own DAF and they are in ets2 and I thought PACCAR owned WesternStar to but I maybe wrong
  5. Yeah I noticed by the motorway between Brussels and Rotterdam they added the farms in Probably everyone being on lockdown have a lot more time to play
  6. rossco4653

    Western star

    With the arrival of the Mack Anthem I would love to see Western star come to gameplay would anyone else want this?
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