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  1. rossco4653

    Mack Anthem

    Does anyone see the Mack truck line coming into ats officially through ScS I would sure love cruising in the Mack anthem
  2. So do you guys ever think there will be option to get out of the cab. To maybe connect airlines (suzzies) manually and raise trailer legs this would be pretty cool I think Evan if there was a box so you can’t go to far from truck. Would be a good to get out the truck tho
  3. rossco4653

    Scania T cab

    Do you think Scania will ever liscence SCS to allow them to use the Scania T Cab in MP or single player with out the mod I think it would be a great element in the game. Or maybe Evan the Renault T range but I heard Renault T maybe Evan coming yet what don’t you think BTW I know Scania have no say on the Renault T I didn’t want to create a whole new topic on Renault T
  4. I have noticed that some people just defy the rules and just do what they want, like overtaking on C-D road, cause accidents, drifting and hitting people deliberately, but when you report these individuals after 10 or so minutes the report just times out with no action taken may just be me but the timer should be extended or just put in a queue for the mods to look at. anyone else agree?
  5. to be honest i noticed the same thing but i think it has been implemented for a while now, or thats what i got told anyway
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