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  3. Hey, there! Firstly, I recommend you start Steam client before launching TMP Launcher. Also you need to set "eurotrucks2.exe" to run as administrator. Steps: 1) Go to your ETS2 game directory, then into \Binaries\Win64\Launcher - (for me: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ETS 2\Binaries\Win64\ 2) Right click on "eurotrucks.exe" 3) Click the Compatibility tab at the top 4) Check the box for "Run this program as administrator" 5) Click OK 6) Launch the game through Steam I hope, my answer will helpful and I would glad, when you let me know if my answer was good. Good Luck with solving your problem Have a nice day
  4. Hey, By me, that is best of map dlc, which I have ever seen! 100% Hope, that SCS Software will come with next news soon!
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  9. Hello there! Firstly, I want to ask you, have you still your old PC? Have you access to your PC. I need if you could look at your old PC into Documents - Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder - and there should be a folder called steam_profiles. If yes, then open a folder and copy a profil and send it via one drive for example and copy into new computer You can look at my screenshot ^^ If you have uninstalled a game and delete every files around ETS2 from your previous computer, then unfortunately I must say, you have to create a new one. I recommend do not use steam cloud, just save your profil on desktop. Because when you will re-install a game, then you can find it easily and copy it again to your ETS2 folder You can also donwload some save profile from internet - mods for multiplayer - if you do not wanna start from level 0 I hope, my answer was helpful) Good Luck! Have a nice day
  10. Hello there! Firstly, I wanna ask if you did some graphics update, because it could be cause by that, if the driver is bad set. Or it can be some betaversion of the graphics driver. I must say, its interesting, but i will try to help you as I can . As second I would ask you what areas of the map are you traveling when it drops? For me, I would recommend you maybe turn off "Load cabin accessories" and also "Load Flags ^. Maybe it wont help too much but helpful, but maybe yes. Also, try to check this settings: In - game - Enable Vsync - is always better to having a Stable FPS Rate around 60 than often a Jumping between 180 till 45 or lower. - Set Scale to 200% could be less 125% - Disable MLAA - Disable DOF - Set all following Quality Settings to hight, it do not have everything on max quallity - it depends on your components in your PC - Disable Anisotropic Filtering by moving the Slider to the left Side. TruckersMP Launcher - try unclick some of them as Cabin Accesories in another trucks, Flags, and draw distance reduce to min. - Development Logging - Smoothing Distance - Load Cabin Accessoires - Load Flags - Aditional Lights - Draw Distance Also please remember, that FPS will drop dramaticlly if you are close or passing a really busy area, once you have crossed the area you will be fine, As last step you can try to re-install your graphics drivers + TruckersMP Launcher (clear instalation or with using F1 in launcher) Have a nice day! Good luck!
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  17. Ahoj, @Prcek203 Budu se ti snažit pomoci, jak nejlépe mohu Nejdříve se tě zeptám? Vkládáš ProMods do správné složky a to konkrétně do (Dokumenty - Euro Truck Simulator 2 - a složka mod). Zde najdeš celé vysvětlení instalace ProMods: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/618 Nic neaktivuješ pouze spustíš multiplayer. Také bych tě poprosil, jestli by si nám mohl poslat svojí složku s mody, kde máš vložené ProMods + jestliže ti to píše nějakou chybu. byl bych rád, jestli bys mohl sdílet s námi, abychom věděli o jaké chybové hlášení se jedná Děkuji za přečtení a doufám, že tvůj problém se nám podaří brzy vyřešit Hezký den
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  21. Hello, there! I would be like to say, that this command is in game, we can say for first help, when someone rammed into you or something like that. You can full repair your truck with it. This command you are allowed to use every 600 sec after use. On simulation servers is a counter for fix command, when you willl go to arcade server, you have not any counter there, you can use /fix always. Its because, when there wont be any time counter, you can imagine, how it will look for example at Calais-Duisburg road. Because some people could abuse with that. I hope, my answer was helpful Regards, Have a nice day RedWolf
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  25. Heyou there @RICKY9618 Thats why, because Simulation 1 is having sometimes problem with server stabillity. But I think, it would be good at this time. You can try to play it on another server for better playing so SIM 2,3 I hope, my answer was helpful Kind Regards, RedWolf Veteran Driver II Player TruckersMP Community
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