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  1. Hey, Foobrother, First of all, I would kindly thanks for your suggestion and trying to make thus community about some news to put into game. I'd like to say my opinion about your "fake police". I honestly don't know what you came up with, but I don't see any future in this solution, why should there be players who will look like Fake Moderators, where is the point? I probably missed the point of your idea, but I think it's unnnecessary. The situation on the servers isn't going and won't get better. The players are mostly responsible for everything that happens to the driver anyway, not the game moderators! Secondary, keep in mind that the moderators can't be in current time somewhere where some accident will happen some kind of accident. I think it would just make the servers worse as everyone else would be playing at being a Staff TMP community. What advantages would it have to make you look like an admin? - Would you only have a red name, or access to the police car as well? - No, it's not possible, and I think that Management will not accept this as the special cars are allowed only for Game Moderatos and Upper Staff Why is that unnecessary? - A player can easily get to know if someone is an admin or not by clicking on their name or by their behaviour (if there are bans, kicks etc.) If you've already read, TruckersMP has started to change their strategy in reports to integrate moderators to be more present in the game - For me this is a really unnecessary thing and unfortunately I can't agree with it. I will be more than glad, if you would tell me how "fake admins" can improve game experiences as I can't find any possitive because I know the players and it will not make nothing good for TruckersMP Community. Have a good day! Regards, RedWolf [CZ] TruckersMP Veteran Driver | MCG Veteran Driver
  2. Ello there, @22-1967S First of all, welcome to TMP Help section My name is RedWolf [CZ] and I'll be giving some of solution which im goin' to post In case you're encoutering with that issue, you have probably coppied some of folders wrongly or you some of files is missing. I would recommend to watch thus video, there are all steps you need to know how to set up ProMods for TruckersMP https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/614 - I also added a guide from TMP community created in Knowledge-base section Hope your issue will be resolved as soon as possible. Regards, RedWolf [CZ] TruckersMP Veteran Driver | MCG Veteran Driver
  3. Ello there, @XxQufDezxX First of all, welcome to TruckersMP Forum - Help section. My name is RedWolf [CZ] I Petr and I will be answering your question. Solution 1 - > Please make sure you have donwload the latest GPU driver, if yea you can try to re-install it. (Note: It can also happen that some of drivers must not be finished correctly and thus you may struggle with the fps difference) -> then the issue is on side of NVIDIA or AMD provider. Solution 2 - > Verify integrity of your in-game files in your Steam Client Go to Steam Library Right click on ETS 2 Properties Local Files There click on verify of in-game files button - and wait until it all processed Solution 3 - > Run the game with DirectX Go to Steam Library Start Singleplayer with DirectX 11 Load your profile - go to drive Stay there for 2-3 minutes and save your game. Close your game Start TruckersMP as Administrator - Right click on TMP icon - start as admin Solution 4 - > Go to Graphics settings in TruckersMP - > TAB - > Settings - > Graphics and set it to Medium or Low depends on your PC performances. Solution 5 - > Re-install TruckersMP Client Press the Windows Key + R (Win+R) on your keyboard Enter "%programdata%" and press Enter (without the quotes) Find the folder "TruckersMP" and delete that folder. Go to documents and delete this folders called (ETS2MP, ATSMP) Navigate to C:\Program Files\ and delete the folder named "TruckersMP Launcher" Go to our website and re-download and install the Launcher with admin privileges https://truckersmp.com/download/ Open The Launcher with admin privileges and click "Install Available Updates" If you need any more furthur assistence, don't hesitate to quote me here I will remain at your disposal Good luck! I'm looking forward for your response, Sincerely, RedWolf [CZ] TruckersMP Veteran Driver IV | MCG Veteran Driver
  4. Ello there, In that case I recommend you to firstly check our your connection works properly and then as a second solution please start TMP Launcher as an adminstrator, by that you'll get a higher priority. Hope your problem got resolved soon Have a good day Regards, Red TruckersMP Veteran Driver IV I MCG Veteran Driver
  5. My friend made me famous on YouTube @ADEM.KERİM
  6. Thank you for your follow❤️

  7. Ello there, @Surname9540 First of all, welcome here on TMP Forums. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to ask about others opinions, you have to only wait for GM who has banned you from the game. He'll explain what did you wrong there. Once then you still won't be sure about GM reply, you are allowed to make a feedback about your current ban here: Here you can write a feedback to Game Moderation Management: https://truckersmp.com/feedback Hope I answered your question, Have a good day! Regards, RedWolf [CZ] TruckersMP Veteran Driver IV | MCG Veteran Driver
  8. Dovolte nám, abychom Vás pozvali na náš veřejný konvoj, který se bude konat 30. září 2023. Požadovaná DLC Vive la France Informace o události ✪ Datum: 30. září 2023 ✪ Trasa: Toulouse-Roscoff ✪ Start: Toulouse (garáž) ✪ Cíl: Roscoff (přístav) ✪ Přestávky: žádné ✪ DLC: Vive la France ✪ Convoy Contro: žádný ✪ Server: Simulation 2 ✪ Čas: Čas setkání: 12:00 UTC (14:00h našeho času) Čas odjezdu: 12:30 UTC (14:30h našeho času) Pro zjištění časového pásma : Click here Sloty Veřejný slot: Bude přidán! Odkazy: Discord Webové stránky ETS2MCG VTC Instagram Facebook Twitter YouTube Jestliže máte jakékoliv otázky, kontaktujte nás zde na našem serveru - Discord TENTO EVENT JE ORGANIZOVÁN FIRMOU ETS2MCG VTC Tuto událost vytvořil: @[MCG] Aashraye Přeložil: @[MCG] RedWolf [CZ] ~ Těšíme se na Vás! Tým ETS2MCG VTC
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