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  1. You all are right as noone could be. It was just me complaining. But the topic consisted of a question and some specualtion which was a shout out of my thoughts, absurd and maybe even offensive. I sincerely apologize to the developers of TruckersMP since now I see the full picture, especially I understand the reasons of embeding the DLC check. I got my answer and I am very thankful for that.
  2. That's a really good point which I admire. But, it may sound a little bit odd, the charm of exploring the Italy or the upcoming regions in the next DLCs with others is gone.. I just miss it.. I miss that time.. Most can say, why won't you buy these DLCs? Well, firstly we all live in different countries with various economy levels. Secondly, it's not cheap to buy all of them even by American standards, but, obviously, it's just me complaining. In conlusion to this, I'd like to still hope that this exploration will be possible once again. Maybe they will found out a way, for example, make the DLCs built in the mod itself. And sorry for my passive agressive text earlier, I really apologize for my inconsistency. It just kept swallowing into one big pile of thoughts and I shot them out without any consideration. Again, I hope it will change. Thank you for your time.
  3. May I not be the only one writing that, but the stagnation of thoughts I've been having for the past 2 years has come to end. Let me start off with a question straight to the developers, rather then with a demand. What exactly inspired you to make this decision? Of course, I could suggest a variant that the developers made a "contract" with SCS Software. And despite it being unconvincing and absurd towards the developers of TruckersMP it also could be true. Why not? You see, SCS doesn't care if you crack their DLC. At least they didn't do any moves to prevent it so far. You can use them offline as you always did, but the main point isn't that. Let's look up to it from the perspectives of the both sides. For SCS it could be an easy method to gain more profit from selling DLCs on market cause everything was basically already done for them: there is a community mod which let people play together and also supports DLC. For TruckersMP developers it could be the best way to gain profit as well, by taking some "percentage" from the sells (this is just speculation) and spending these earnings to pay for servers rent and ect. I am certain that I am wrong and don't have any evidence to prove the opposite, again it's just speculation. From my perspective, the "check" thing is just not right. The mod, which intented to be free and let people spend time together now requires to pay for that. And I sick for an answer. I'd love to hear any explanation of what happened back then. Thank you for your time.
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