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  1. Well there are some kind of problems,first off i cant find the profile that is located in documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/ it just doesent appear,second off how do i Garage travel,and third how do i open command?
  2. Hello everyone!! So lately i started playing ETS 2 TruckersMP,i played it on my lately profile and i only managed to drive one mission(job),cause i dont have my own truck to do jobs,so next time i tried starting new job,none of them were recommended,it says ("It is impossible to find jobs that match your requirements"),idk what was the problem,i tried finding my profile in Documents so that i can go to config.cfg but it doesent appear to be there,cause i just began playing so i dont know how to sleep in game,i tried F7+Enter but idk where to use it,also i think i cant sleep in game cause i cant take a job to drive.Any help?
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