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  1. [ET] 060 [UA] Alexx_Os

    New Police design (Europe)

    The idea of painting for each EU country appeared in my head back in 2016 and what I painted then - I give for the common good!) There are thoughts about luminescent stripes in comments - their implementation in the game will require a change in the geometry of the 3D model itself and an individual material file: eut2.dif.lum.rfx or like them. Ready-made templates for free Austria Czech republic Slovakia
  2. [ET] 060 [UA] Alexx_Os

    Skoda's tuning add-on

    Suggestion Name: improved wheels for Skoda car. Suggestion Description: Having seen the current wheels for a car with their primitive painting function - where not only the rim itself but also the brakes are painted, I decided to bring them to realism. Now the wheels are divided into individual components like a truck: disc, hub, nuts and cap. All items have correct previews in the store menu and prices for parts, but this can be changed by you at your discretion. Any example images: Why should it be added?: because what we have now - is not quality and looks like a cell phone game graphics! Suggestion Link: https://sharemods.com/rrlt00jq1a4c/Scout_addons.scs.html