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  1. Dark Theme

    Looks amazing, Dark Theme's are really the way forward!
  2. has been released.

    Epic work! Thank you!
  3. Videos from Multiplayer

    Loving the Videos!
  4. ATS and ETS2 crashes a launch of the game

    why are so many people reporting this problem but it isn't being fixed? i sent a ticket 3 days ago now for this exact issue and i still haven't received a response?
  5. Requested Ticket

    The perks of the Veteran Driver status haha! Happy trucking!
  6. Requested Ticket

    Hi, that could come across as a bit patronizing seeing as I've been on these forums longer than you have but that's true, it's been a day so far
  7. Requested Ticket

    Hi, I requested a ticket for a problem I've been having with ETS & ATS and haven't received it to my email? Thanks
  8. ETS2MP World Records

    Some epic records here!
  9. You've made it!

    Haha, it's nice to have status
  10. Very Important Information - 64bit

    thank you