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  1. hello good I wanted to ask you what is the best program that can be used to synchronize work with my friend since it would be nice to share my work with my friend Could you help me what I could do?
  2. I totally agree with you, but forever, prices should be balanced. I also drive mostly a car and, although it is a truck simulator, there are people who use it and want a little more money. Do not talk about thousands of euros, but 20,000 or 18,000 is fine. Thanks for your opinions
  3. It is understood but being new I say it because, from very little experience, it is a very pleasant experience, at least it would be good to make an economic balance of the two examples, if the most cited in trucks is 23 thousand that the car is the same or a a little less but I do not think it is by 6mil the most quotable Also. thank you very much for yours opinion.
  4. Entonces solo para dinero si lo de la experiencia no me interesa lo que me interesa es el dinero solamente 1 vez se puede usar ? Por qué recorrer todo euro y de por sí el juego me encanta pero tiene siempre algo y cuidarlo al automóvil que este usando (siempre se daña ya sea por cualquier cosa)
  5. Al contrario ahora le bajaron muchísimo los precios y es muy difícil viajar muchísimos kilómetros por unos pocas monedas osea antes por qué ganaba más? Por qué tiene varias fallas el auto 1. Consume muchísima gasolina 2.es carne de cañón para un camión si tienen un accidente ya que el auto sufre más daños 3. De por si es muy frágil el auto ya llevando la caravana. Imagina solamente una persona que hace una maldad al auto y pierde todo su mercancía? ( Me paso)
  6. First of all, good morning, I wanted to ask myself why the price of caravans in cars has dropped drastically, since I use the car more, it does not mean that I do not use trucks, but the car that seems to me the most. The question is this? Why lower the price so much? they lowered the price from 50 thousand to 6 thousand that only if you have your own trailer What you think? Greetings and good trip.
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