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  1. Dear Sir / Madam; Which you prefer ? DLC (New Mexico DLC vs Oregan DLC.) Best Regards!
  2. Dear Sir / Madam; I don't use Winter Mod. Because I think when ı use that mod , I feel very in danger myself. Best Regards!
  3. Dear Sir / Madam; I agree u sir. Best Regards!
  4. Dear Sir / Madam; RIP ! Best Regards!
  5. Dear Sir / Madam; I agree u... Best Regards!
  6. Dear Sir / Madam; I hope they will add MAN TGX. Best Regards!
  7. Dear Sir / Madam; My favorite truck model is new Scania. You can drive it sir. Because Scania Truck has got spirit. Best Regards!
  8. Dear Sir / Madam; 6 years. Best Regards!
  9. Dear Sir / Madam; Scania's Trucks best! Best Regards!
  10. Dear Sir / Madam; I agree u. SCS has got different style, TMP has got different style. Best Regards!
  11. Dear Sir / Madam; IT'S FAN-TAS-TIC!!!!! Thank you! Best Regards!
  12. Old man Furkan

    Ford F-Max

    Dear Sir / Madam; İt's look like monster! Best Regards!
  13. Dear Sir / Madam; I think you should buy Scandinavia DLC. Best Regards!
  14. Dear Sir / Madam; I wish Turkey or Portugal / Spain DLC. Best Regards!
  15. Dear Sir / Madam; I don't know about that topic but we should wait... Best Regards!
  16. Dear Sir / Madam; I agree u... Best Regards!
  17. Dear Sir / Madam; My choice is Scania because Scania's Trucks is powerful! Best Regards!
  18. Dear Sir / Madam; IT'S FAN-TAS-TIC!!!! Truck look like a monster! Best Regards!
  19. Old man Furkan

    ETS2 2019

    Dear Sir / Madam; I think we'll get Volvo Tuning Pack... Best Regards!
  20. Dear Sir / Madam; The main cause of this problem Winter Mod. Best Regards!
  21. Hello Sir/Madam; MAN... it's FAN-TAS-TIC Truck! I think will my choice MAN. Best Regards!
  22. Hello sir/madam; I think, people who like do that choice, sorry but kills the roads... Best regards!
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