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  1. So i have this problem, i did a thread before about it, it was closed. I tried several things to fix this thing and didn't work, but i think i'm pretty sure what the error is: it's because i don't have a location for internet temporary files. but even if i try to set a location to it, i can't. when i choose ''move folder'' and a new location, it doesn't get saved after pc restart, it shows nothing but if i click in ''Show Folder'' it redicts to the folder i choosed before. Also i can't set disk space for internet files, it shows this error. I know this error is more a Windows thing, but i really don't know how to fix it.. i searched, i tried a few things like downgrade internet explorer version but nothing.. i don't know is someone have a better idea. Thanks
  2. Solution 1 & 2 won't work, i dont have this folder? C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP, only folder i have is C:\Program Files\TruckersMP Launcher and the steam game files. Solution 3: didn't work, it changed my IP. even i downloaded launcher again and reinstalled.. but nothing changed, same error
  3. I have this error since several months ago.. i tried to reinstall game, truckersmp launcher, run as administrator, make sure all ETS process are not running i dont know what else to do, this happened from a day to another and i can't play since then Btw i can play from a friend's house but i can't play from mine, something is wrong in my PC i guess
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