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  1. buracat

    Where do your truck sim roots come from?

    I played 18 Wheels of Steel in 2004 Time goes by so fast
  2. buracat

    How to use TSNotifier - Useful for Admins.

    overwolf alternative
  3. i love this bot
  4. I dont understand too. When there are so many beautiful cities, why calais?
  5. I did all the events in 2 weeks, thank you for doing such an event. There was traffic in cities outside of Calais.
  6. hopefully beautiful things happen
  7. buracat

    Promods x TruckersMP?

    i wish though
  8. buracat

    Trucking Nation Radio - Upcoming Radio 2019

    thanks for sharing, it worked
  9. buracat

    How much kilometers driven you have ?

    I've drove 50,000 km with my Scania
  10. buracat

    Truck or car?

    I prefer the truck in game
  11. I took three somersault in the air. It was super
  12. buracat

    Game "Cities"

    Glasgow (UK)
  13. buracat

    Small roads?

    i love narrow paths