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  1. I use michelin tires and I am very satisfied. I never thought of switching to Goodyear tires I've always used michelin tires until now I will probably use it from now on.
  2. They will probably launch in end of the 2022 or at the beginning of the 2023. I'm looking forward to this new DLC judging by the photos I think it will be very nice.
  3. The scenery looks very nice I think it looks like it will be a nice DLC and of course I need to have this DLC because of promods, so I hope it won't be too expensive.
  4. The event was amazing thanks TMP!
  5. I like this new road more than the c-d road. The view is very nice and the atmosphere is very nice.
  6. Thank you very much for what you did, you were such a good person, we will miss you, rest in peace!

  7. I have a lot of fps drops because of those flashes. There is also such a clause in the rules : §3 - Save Editing Causing extreme lag or game crashes by save editing is not permitted. Extreme lag will not occur from duplicate parts unless the amount is truly excessive. If you save edit to create a very long trailer combination but cannot safely handle it, you are liable to be banned for reckless driving and/or blocking and it is recommended that you remove the particular modification(s). If the Game Moderation Management thinks that your modification is not fit for our servers or negatively impacts other people, you are liable to be banned until the modification has been removed.
  8. Normally there is no setting to turn on the fog lights, you can turn on the fog lights by coding.
  9. It's definitely not a normal thing, unfortunately there are people who crash intentionally.
  10. I really liked the 1.44 update, it added a lot of reality to the game.
  11. I want to interpret it thinking that you mean the photo below. It looks like a really nice innovation it adds more realism to the game, I like small details like this! I hope it will be added to the game as soon as possible.
  12. I just got out of there 15 minutes ago, it's really nice, it's a nice innovation but it's very crowded and i had a lot of fps drops in some places so it's good to be careful.
  13. I see that it looks very good from the videos or shared images, I added it to my wishlist, I will definitely buy it when there is a sale.
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