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  1. Becouse for whatever reason someone made a decision to already slow trucks to make even slower. Think like this...there is no fun to spend your spare time playing a game while driving slow truck on empty roads (And thats the reason i even quit playing ETS).I personally chose north of the north becouse of tiny wawy roads which driving slow wouldnt kill fun for me. And im very happy that other people for the same reason or other reasons chose the same road, so that i dont feel alone driving which is fun.
  2. how do one get in truckersmp when steam is down ? i see there is like 3.5k players atm

  3. I mean yes, i understand where you coming from, i would also agree on your points. But personally me i do not luck at the game as simulator. I do look at it as fun way to spend some spare time while playing video game since i used to drive trucks meself. Thats why im against speed limit (im not saying that you have to RACE), it would just make more diversety on the roads.
  4. Mercedes The Most Beautiful Truck of All!
  5. This! Scandi and Baltics DLCs makes perfect driving expierence. Nice roads, so bumpy, not to many highways..very nice nature and a lot new textures. Also Baltics seems now more like ATS (cities planing), not everything is dumped into one place. Absolutely worth every single penny. Beutifull DLC.
  6. Absolutely they should remove speed limit of 80km/h at cities area.. its a complete joke.. Half of the time you not even in a city or around it yet you still triggering speed litmit somehow.. Its either should be removes or improved as for now its just a mess. Also speed limit of 150km/h is also kinda lame, i remember used to play before it was introduced. Now you barely can overtake or even see other drives on the road driving your direction as everybody drives same speed so it gives you an impression of driving/playing alone as you cant catch up nor others can catch up with you. On the other hand speed limit maybe little helps when you around DC area, but since i do play DLC roads almost exlusively speed limit is more or less useless as it makes you drive slow and feel alone.
  7. Bet ten jie irgi labai idomiai. Day one galejai naudoti scandinavu paint jobs, o va sesiu ne. Patingejo.
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