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  1. I never used save editing, nor do I ever intend to use it. I can see the appeal, but as I never use it, I'm not in a position to say whether its a good or a bad change.
  2. TrackIR5 would be the way to go ideally, though, if you are short on money and are desperate for head/eye tracking experience, then I would go with a Tobii eye tracker. However, this takes a lot of adjustment to get to work properly. If I was you, I'd just save and get the TrackIR5 and just be done with it really.
  3. Never happened to me personally, have seen others have it before though. Probably something to do with the garage entrance above I would imagine, most likely wrong though :D
  4. Generally Promods and a few light modification for wagons such as the low-deck mods and the Ford F-Max. That's it, I like it plain and simple
  5. Personally G29 with shifter with some minor modifications.
  6. Ah yes I didn't think of that hehe, thanks for correcting me
  7. I completely get your points you made and sometimes share a few of them. However I disagree that 8x4 tractor units are to be used more for high speed stability - I feel that they're more built to accommodate larger payloads which obviously need higher braking capacity and stability.
  8. My least used must be my MAN. Its nice to drive but I just don't 'click' with it as it were. Great wagon, just not something I can drive endlessly like my Scania or DAF.
  9. I use first person pretty much all of the time, I find it harder to judge distances from outside and seeing in front of the truck. It is also more realistic. Though I could understand why some prefer third person and it is useful sometimes.
  10. Stubborn__

    Pi**sed off

    I completely get you. I've had a couple situations like that in the past. I know this is easier said than done, but try to ignore them as much as possible. Regardless of location, they are the ones likely to get banned or kicked for spamming, abuse or even the same thing. Try to focus on yourself, have a good shot at trying to rectify the situation. If not, either F7, or load an earlier auto-save if you can. After, take some time away to calm down, and review the situation - thinking about what you could do next time to avoid getting stuck, etc. This has really helped me in the past and develop my driving skills further.
  11. Funny thing is, this can happen to trucks too Someone rammed me once and I experienced the same thing in my S series. Trick is to keep it slow, and smooth steering. Once the trailer starts sliding on a truck, you've had it
  12. I think something of a small panel van type would be ideal, a little bigger and more visible without being an absolute pig to drive. It could also perhaps be possible to haul a small load in the back from the cargo market with these.
  13. I feel that in most situations nowadays, for most people it's easy enough to tell that others have made a genuine mistake or have done this intentionally. From there I just use my common sense, and only report if it is clearly intentional.
  14. This is such a cool workaround! Thank you for sharing, I really appreciate this and will tell all of my friends.
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