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  1. Please notice, that the update of the 1.37 version is one of the biggest contents (4,6 GB, when you saw that) ever before, so of course it will take now longer for the developement to update this. I also have as one of the TruckersMP players the desire to drive again on multiplayer with the new version, but the patience must be bewared. TruckersMP never delayed with the updates though and this is not a COVID-19 problem, forget this. It is only a update with a huge content. Thats all. You need to respect this.
  2. Remember, that the 1.37 version is one of the hugest updates for ETS 2 ever before and it is 4,6 GB big, so it will take a while until TruckersMP updated their clients too.
  3. Nothing against SCS Software and their work, but ETS 2 is for me definitely way more a game then a simulation and i agree with the reply from Joao Rodrigues. It is more a game just for everyone, for those who likes it more "realistic" and for those, who likes it more "simple", so it is a hibrid game and yes i am a experienced Player that played ETS 2 about 1100 hours already. OMSI 2 as example is already a simulation for me. Some reasons why: -> No realistic driving performance -> No 1:1 map (Of course it will take about alot of hours to drive a Budapest-Paris route) -> No realistic sounds (There is still no gearbox sounds for each truck and i think, they are one of the most important sounds of a truck, because they are louder then the engine itself, when reaching about 60 km/h; In OMSI 2 by the busses you hear them perfectly) -> No utils for the driver (Opening windows in the cabin is some one of them) -> No realistic logistic companies except Krone, Schwarzmüller and Michelin. -> No realistic economic simulation (They call this simulation, but i call this a Kindergarten System, that you also don't need anymore, when you reach Level 20-25 and have enough money; This one is more developed for beginners, but not for experienced players, because it is hard to start for a little time, but otherwhise you get to fast to money) -> No realistic damage and leak profile (Not only automatic brake and engine breakdown) Also i think, that ETS 2 is more based on the old 18 Wheels of Steel games, which they are also from SCS Software, but i anyways like to play this game, because i love to drive long routes for some hours.
  4. I absolutely disagree this as one of the polite drivers on ETS 2 at 2 clear points: ETS 2 is still a Simulation game More speed = More accidents + Some bans at the end -> More reckless drivers = Less polite drivers I think 110 km/h is really correct and fair and this is just for everyone good and less dangerous to get damaged. Also for those ones, who can't really drive polite and normal, because they are getting less bans. There is also a Arcade Server and the Singleplayer for those ones, who wants to drive "faster" with the trucks then 110 km/h and if they don't like it, ETS 2 is nothing for them, maybe more Need for Speed or other racing games, where you can drive reckless.
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