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  1. @[TAL CEO] BlackSkill, @Phonyang Thank you, it works now. I don't know if it was anywhere mentioned that it had to be the opt. out of beta version, but I missed it in any case and was convinced it had to be the compatible mods version.
  2. Hello, After playing some ETS2 SP I wanted to try out MP. I installed the Truckers MP launcher, ran the updates and clicked the launch button for ETS2 resulting in the version compatibility error. I adjusted the version in steam to 1.33.x for incompatible mods and tried launching it again resulting in the same error. Then I searched a bit more and checked if the registry key had the right folder path and yes this is correct but the game won't launch. As a last thing to try out I moved the game folder via steam to my C drive and adjusted the file path in the registry to that new location, re-installed Truckers MP and again it will not launch and give the same error. Is there something else I'm doing wrong or forgot to do? Thanks in advance for helping me out.
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