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  1. I've solved with SCS Software Support. I was using game controller, they said unplug it and try again. It didn't crashed after that. They can close the topic. Thanks
  2. @.Scanva I've tried them but changed nothing. I figured this out; it's not about the truckersMP. It's about Game. My game crashed when i was playing offline again.
  3. @.Scanva here is my mod list. I have no mod in my favorite list.
  4. Everytime when i was playing game(during driving the truck) My game suddenly shuts down and gave me nothing as report or warning. Can you help me? Edit: My drivers updated, my wifi speed and connection quality are awesome.
  5. Söylediklerinizin Hepsini Yaptım Tek Tek Denedim. 4 Defa Destek Talebi Açtım Kimse Yardımcı Olamadı. Problemi Çözebilecek Yok Mu Gerçekten?
  6. Winter Mode Kurarken Connection Refused. You Are Using An İnvalid Client Hatası Alıyorum. https://imgur.com/vFOjmV6 Oyunu Defalarca Sildim Yükledim Ve Modu Doğru Kurduğuma Eminim Windows 10 64Bit
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