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  1. I always wanted to know why people play ETS2 or ATS. This question is quite difficult to answer, but still I'm waiting for your comments.
  2. I write only when I need to urgently answer and only on a straight road. And I do not understand those people who looked at the phone, and after the accident they blame everyone, but not themselves.
  3. Someone drove event loads from Bratislava to Bratislava?
  4. The funny thing that I saw in this game, namely on the portal "Truckers MP", when the player rammed me and said that I was guilty and they would give me a ban. I sent a report to him and he got what he deserved.
  5. Лично я отношусь нейтрально к этой проге, как и к tedit(у). Кто его знает как они себя поведут в обычной игре. Программа не от SCS, по этому устанавливать их только на свой страх и риск. А в твоём случае советую сохранить профиль и переустановить игру. Удачи
  6. Personally, I really like the TMP project. It will be sad if this project falls. Playing the single is rather boring and tedious, and the multiplayer solves all that. Thanks TMP that you are)
  7. Which of these games do you like and why?
  8. Any large base. Example: LKW, Stokes, NBFC, Stein Bruch, ITCC
  9. [ATL]Andrey rus

    ETS2 2019

    In 2019, I hope that the synchronization on the servers will be even better. I will send less reports). And of course, MAN EURO6 and Renault T. I would also like a new DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator. I hope that will come true
  10. If you are driving on cruise control with respect to speed, then that's okay, I myself do it. But if you drive 30 km / h, this is considered blocking.
  11. If this is not according to the rules of the person can be blocked. If you have such questions, read the rules again.
  12. You must first follow the rules. Do not use cheats, do not ram players. If this all stops, then the punishment system will work softer. And so a very good result is obtained. Violators must be punished!
  13. The meaning of life is to follow the rules and punish violators
  14. How to install a toilet?
  15. The window of all opens the same. There are only two options for you. 1. Write while driving with a fully open chat, which is not safe. 2. Stop on the sidelines and write in chat
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