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  1. Well,, I will stop being online here once agian. Waste of my time.

    1. LordBenji


      I just lurk around once in a few days, I've stopped getting involved on the forum, I'm just on Discord which is just more convenient for me, quickly chat here, help there

  2. Happy birthday Nathan! 😉👍

    1. Nathan


      Thank you!

  3. HI there Please delete Core_ets2mp.dll and run MP as admin, Then try if it works. Happy Modnay! Regards Ah Bunker
  4. Hi there @Oski! Have you tried to update your graphic drivers and search after new windows updates ? Aswell you should verfiy Ets2 files on steam and unistall TMP, install it agian. Try run it as admin and try run as Direx11 or OpenGL. Happy Sunday! Regards Ah Bunker
  5. Hi there @poland.ball You can post it here https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/525-tech-talk/ Or here https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/198-developer-portal/ Happy Sunday! Regards Ah Bunker
  6. No, Ets is not a race game but Simulator game. Speed limit is good
  7. You can check this link. It is listed the top wheel set xD https://www.pcgamer.com/best-steering-wheels-for-pc/
  8. Really, Conection break can make you get kick out from map due to internet problem. Maybe programs can take all up the internet speed.
  9. Hi @ZabbeX Do you got any error or screenshot on your issue that you get ? Delay can also depends on your pc and internet speed, Aswell how many players are connected to same server. Can you please share your pc info and how your internet speed up and down + ping/ms ? Regards Ah Bunker
  10. Hi @FBTC - Raaphael Then i suggest you to reinstall windows and choose to reinstall and keep the files ofc. Since Windows might have something todo with this. Regards
  11. Hi there @FBTC - Raaphael Let clear you pc cache memory by doing follow steps. Turn off your pc Remove the power cable ( To be sure that your pc is empty and have no power left in system ) Wait around 30 sec Plug in the power cable Turn on your pc and try agian You should be able to start up TMP and the client should be loading normal after when you doen this steps. You can find the reason why this happends at this link. https://www.esds.co.in/blog/cache-clearing-benefits/#sthash.vfu77za5.dpbs Take care! Regards Ah Bunker
  12. Happy birthday SMOKY!! 😉

  13. Hi @kiwitrucking Head over to https://www.speedtest.net/ And then try your internet speed and take screenshot, upload it with a reply. It will get much easier to help you. Happy weekend! Regards Ah Bunker
  14. You know what.. 5 hours away from the new year! What is your goal for 2020 ? 


    For me to get girlfreind and gym + work :)

  15. Hi @franknbeans11 You should restart your router and wait 30 seconds and do the same with your pc. And dont forget to check so your anti-virus does not block MP to run. Happy New year! Regards Ah Bunker
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