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  1. Download the files, follow the steps as it says in truckersmp, I have the files in the ETS2MP folder but wintermod and heavy appear to me as ZIP files and I can't unzip them because I don't see a single file, only thousands of folders, check the files with the Hash and everything is fine, what can it be?
  2. Palermo - uppsala (Italy - Sweden) 4120km, Wroclaw - Aberdeen (Poland - England) or if you want to live a unique experience haha Calais - St. Petersburg (Calais by the ban route to Duisburg and then climb Poland to the Baltic) is 2500km approximately.
  3. Yo tengo una gran duda hay unos que usan el trailer doble plataforma con la locomotora encima, esos por la ruta del ban, están prohibidos?
  4. No te aburre manjar siempre por ahí? Jaja
  5. Se viene bueno, como me gusta cuando se ve que le siguen poniendo pilas al euro después de años
  6. CPU i7 4790k 4.3GHz GPU GTX 980ti Evga Classified Mobo Gigabyte z97 gaming 3 RAM 16gb corsair 2400mhz SSD x2 240GB HD 750GB Logitech G27
  7. Rocket League Farming simulator 19 Mudrunner Gta v / five m Overwatch
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