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  1. it would be a good thing to implement an arcade server for the ATS since it isiseron with et ETS2
  2. daf are good for short trips and for medium trips the man
  3. Only servers do not let you go beyond their speed limit and if it happens if they reduce your speed
  4. if it is worth buying the dlc of italy there are many beautiful cities and also that adds more company, more trailers also without the dlc of italy you did not have the full map
  5. fence who hasn't done that when he was rookie XD
  6. that is called slamming brake XD uses the trailer brake
  7. I would like you to get a Latin American Truck Simulator
  8. bueno amigo eso fue que e vio un moderador que estabas haciendo algo fuer de las reglas y por tal motivo tuvo que darte un ban y la única manera de quitar un ban es hacer una apelación y mostrar pruebas ( vídeos) que muestren que eres inocente. delo contrario tendrás que espera hasta que te pase el ban Un saludo
  9. crimsomXD

    server status

    if cities have a speed limit right now in cities you can only go at 60km / h
  10. bueno compañero que es el mp quien te lo activa el limite de velocidad aunque lo desactives el mp lo volverá activar ya que los servidores tiene limitado de velocidad ( claro esta si estas en los servidores de simulación si estas en árcade no pasa eso) y puede comprobarlo desactivarlo y entra al mp y veras que volverá a activarse asi es como controlan la velocidad en los servidores un gran saludo
  11. crimsomXD

    server status

    Now I could use the arcade because the arcades in question reach more than 300 or 500 people and simulator 1 reaches 3500. The players don't just look for speed because if so, the arcades were full and because the arcades are not full because the Realism is lost there. true in arcade we can climb up to 250km / h. But after that there is no collision and they would say: what's wrong? I can go very fast without causing accidents. And he's right, but stalking that you lose realism, you lose the sense of caution that if you hit someone, that person can report that if you go too fast and drive recklessly, a moderator can give you a punishment. As I said before, the MP team should apply speed limits (110 km / h) to the most populated regions and wings that do not exceed the limits of as many people as they see fairer. because even at 110 km / h you still see an accident and I think even more because now many are using the hack to go faster and cause problems.
  12. crimsomXD

    Game Moderator

    Well, if they do the processes faster, it could increase the number of moderators if but they would also increase the number of complaints, report more managed and unfair bans that would bring chaos in the MP that is why the recruitment system is so slow and therefore the long time of Wait a year. so you select the most suitable for that job
  13. greetings compa and about your problems check if you have low mp volume and check if you have selected the correct audio output device.
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