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  1. First of all, it doesn't make sense to say "This is not a racing game." to someone seeking an answer. It is not up to others to dictate how to play the game. We all pay for the game and everyone has the freedom to play it in a way they like as long as they obey the TMP rules. In real life, normally you want to shift up early as higher gears consume less fuel. However, if you are looking for the best acceleration, you need to consider torque. It is impossible to give a general RPM as it depends on the engine and gearing. However, you can use a dyno chart of the truck that you are interested in and see the RPM vs Power or RPM vs Torque graphs.
  2. Hello, There are many factors affecting acceleration such as horsepower, torque, rpm output of the engine, stroke times in the combustion chamber, gear ratios, differential ratio, etc. However, assuming that all other variables are constant except the transmission, a vehicle with 6-speed transmission usually accelerates better than 12-speed transmission. The first thing to consider is the first gear ratio. This ratio states the number of revolutions that the engine needs to make for the transmission (while in the 1st gear) to complete one revolution. Then, there is the differential ratio. This ratio states the number of revolutions that the transmission needs to make for the wheels to complete one revolution. If you multiply these two numbers, you get the number of revolutions that the engine needs to make for the wheels to complete one revolution. That may sound a little complicated but let's see an example: Here is a 6-speed transmission for Renault T from ETS2: https://ibb.co/H7p0mKr Here is a 12-speed transmission for Renault T from ETS2: https://ibb.co/Rg4syVh For the 6-speed transmission: (first gear ratio) x (differential ratio) = 4,70 x 3,91 = 18,38. This means that, to turn the wheels once, engine has to make 18,38 revolutions while the transmission is in the 1st gear. For the 12-speed transmission: (first gear ratio) x (differential ratio) = 11,73 x 3,08 = 36,13. This means that to turn the wheels once, engine has to make 36,13 revolutions while the transmission is in the 1st gear. In conclusion, assuming all the engine specifications are the same, 6-speed transmission is superior to 12-speed transmission in terms of acceleration. However, the opposite is usually true when it comes to the discussion of top speed. Hope this helps Best regards Onat
  3. I think that three screens are too bulky. Why don't you prefer a VR headset instead? Aren't they compatible with ETS2? I think that it would provide a similar experince and they are not much expensive than the additional 2 screens.
  4. Always have your preferred recording software running while you drive in multiplayer. It helps to show your perspective on things. If you get banned due to a collision that you couldn't have prevented, you can use this footage to prove it. Happy trucking
  5. Actually, it is not about the cars but the players. If the cars get removed, those people will keep doing the same things with a truck. So the solution is not removing the cars.
  6. First, I agree that it would be great if others could see the DLC that we own but they don't. It is kind of annoying when a friend tells that he sees my paint as only green although I have a paint pack on the truck However, this is how TruckersMP implement the DLCs. I suppose that there are technical reasons related to lag/ping behind that. If you can reach a developer using forum or discord, they probabily can explain the reasoning behind it.
  7. You can use a profile from internet but just make sure it doesn't have any modding against the rules.
  8. It might be a good idea to support your request with reasons. Currently, this seems too vague to discuss.
  9. Suggestion Name: HUD (Heads Up Display) Map. Suggestion Description: This is a suggestion for a transparent map display on the screen. In TMP, you need to stop and press M to see the large map. Unlike single player, it doesn't allow you to see the map without stopping. So imagine a scenario, where you are in a convoy with 20+ players and one of your friends got lost or was late and wants to join you You need to provide your exact location, name the nearest city and the number of the road you are currently driving on.. However the small map on the bottom right doesn't show the city's name even in the most zoomed out mode. Also, you can't see the number of the road in the small map. Then you have to stop, open the large map and give the information to your friend. Instead of that, having a transparent map appear when you press or hold a button is much more beneficial. Please check the example image to better understand the suggestion. Example Image: Why should it be added?: It makes it easier to provide your location and route to another player. It eliminates the need to stop and fall behind the convoy.
  10. Texture is not much different compared to last year. However, there weren't cars and trucks rotating like a helicopter blade last year
  11. As the physics mod is optional, there is no need to restrict its use. If someone use it, they basically accept the consequences.
  12. I've seen many people, in real life, who honks at the exact moment the traffic light turns from red to yellow. It is just the way some people are. They are just impatient. I don't mind them at all. This is same for the game too
  13. First, this topic has been discussed many times in the forum earlier. Just use the search and you can see many results. Second, please stop spamming topics. Last 5 topics in the ETS2 discussion were started by you and many of them are already discussed topics.
  14. I don't think it has such a mission. It might have an effect on the English speaking community but the whole community is a lot larger than that.
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