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  1. These trailers are mostly used for inner city or short distance deliveries. (At least in where I live) So, I don't get the right feeling when I go out a 3000 KM journey with it.
  2. Just change your radio channel. It is way much easier then implementing a voice recognition in every language and an automation system
  3. I am looking for single player and I am doing my deliveries in simulation section and the limit is 100 km/h in there. I know how to use cruise control, thanks. It doesn't limit you speed if you go over a bump. For example, if you jump from a bump while cruise is at 50 km/h, it can go up to 55 km/h. Thanks but I need to limit the speed to 100 km/h not to 90km/h
  4. Hi everyone, Does anyone use or have used a mod that limits your maximum speed to 100 km/h and doesn't exceed it even in bumpy roads, railroad crossigns, etc? I am asking this for TrucksBook and I am sure TrucksBook users will understand why I am searching for such a mod Best regards
  5. Well, you are asking this in a multiplayer forum so...
  6. The prices change based on your location. For example, the latest DLC RTTBS is 18 Euros in the Euro region (most expensive) and just 3 Euros in Argentina (cheapest). So, it depends.
  7. Press F4 and adjust your zoom for cabin view. You can find the best for your taste with a little experimenting.
  8. I think that the final decision should still be made by game moderators but a system that will record and send the last 30 seconds or so to game moderators automatically would be really nice. Implementing it might not be an easy one for the TMP developers though.
  9. @MystereThe program still works but only for the cities that were in promods 2.43. So no RTTB cities and a few newly added ones by promods team. However, it is still useful to have. I'll wait for the developer to update it. Thansk for advice! @Chev I didn't get a complete solution to the problem but I am satisfied with the suggestion I got. So, I guess you can lock this thread. Thanks!
  10. Thank you @Mystere but I guess this doesn't support promods 2.45 yet. I'll try and see
  11. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to make a convoy save for promods multiplayer servers? I make save files for all VTC members. There is no problem when I do it for regular servers. However, when I create a save with promods activated there happens a problem. I send this save file to my friends. We use the same def file. The file loads with no problem in single player but when they enter the promods server, they get an error. It says " a change has been detected" and cancels the trailer and sends the truck to garage. Does anyone have a solution for that? Note: I know there are programs that creates the same jobs but they are not for ownable trailers. Best regards, Onat
  12. As far as I remember, it doesn't appear if you are doing external contracts. Try non-external contracts and see if it appears again.
  13. You can change server. They'll lose you. Also, take video recording and report them after-game.
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