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  1. DLCs are already empty anyway. It is a huge map and not that many players. I don't think it is about TMP though. SCS should advertise such a nice game better.
  2. First of all it is Euro Truck Simulator, not European Union Truck Simulator Way before Russia, Switzerland and Norway were in the game which are not member countries of EU. Second, I hope that Spain-Portugal is the next DLC map extension for 2020 instead of Ireland. We'll see
  3. Nice variety of trailers. Let's hope scs get an agreement with them soon like krone and schwarzmüller.
  4. First, this is Euro "TRUCK" Simulator 2. I don't see a reason to invest the manpower in cars. Moreover, this has to be done by the TMP staff as this is not a part of the official game and I don't know if TMP has resources to do such mods.
  5. Load the quick save in such situations so that the other player won't report you. It doesn't worth the risk. We can't change the attitude of this kind of players.
  6. This was asked before and the TruckersMP answered: "This is a trucking simulator so we are not planning to add new cars for now."
  7. Most of the core players already finished the event and not all players like being stuck in the traffic so they do the event in single player.
  8. Hi @BL4CK$K1LL, Unfortunately, I didn't get the answer I was looking for because this needs to be answered by someone from TruckersMP team. Although, I appreciate fellow players' answers, they are not sufficient. Regards Onat
  9. No, it shouldn't be automatically rejected. If you read my suggestion carefully, you'll understand. Regards Onat I hope they'll see it but there are lots of other suggestions which are older than mine and they are also unanswered
  10. I had created a topic in the new suggestions section on March 20. It is neither rejected nor opened for discussion. It stays in the new suggestions section for about 20 days now. I see that this is the situation for many suggestions. So what is the procedure? Why is it not rejected or moved to the open for discussion section? Here is the link to the topic:
  11. I don't think that's a good idea as trolling is no different than hacking to me. Moreover, if someone permanently banned (6 bans) that person probably did it intentionally and don't deserve to be in TMP.
  12. Always turn into right not left. Even there are barriers, it will reduce your speed. This is not real life so no need to prevent a collision which is not your fault. Just hit the back of the trailer in front of you next time If you get banned you can appeal with this video and try your chance. One more advice is keeping your distance in C-D road.
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