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  1. lols beginning of September is already over
  2. Problem here is TMP is depending on one guy to do the work and my question is if the guy decides to leave, does that mean TMP will close cz according to them he is the only one who has got the skill
  3. Honetly speaking TMP and SCS must merge so that developers can work hand in hand to provide updates much quicker. Also TMP mustnt relax cz they are the only mod available because once another mod that has quicker developers launches, TMP will feel the heat
  4. Guys is it working on the latest ets 2 update??
  5. Wish they can put collisions on..
  6. bro with the way things are happening, we are gonna be stuck on 1.36 for a very lonnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggg time
  7. you are right, its like whole engine of the game was changed
  8. u can use win 10 game recorder, shadowplay if you are using nvidia card or relive if you are on amd u can use win 10 game recorder, shadowplay if you are using nvidia card or relive if you are on amd
  9. Lols bro, im tired of waiting but im really looking forward to the update..
  10. yep but after downgrading from 1.37, i can honestly say i miss opening my window lols
  11. Only a dev update, not the source code. On 1.35 they communicated that they were having problems with dx11 and we all understood.
  12. hope you understood when i said what the community needs is an assurance that the update is being worked on..Never said they are not working on it. Regular dev updates to the community will help.
  13. Bro what the community needs right now is to be convinced tht the update is being worked on. The last major update took long but the developer communicated via this forum that he was having problems with dx11. We dnt want dates but assurance tht something is happening..
  14. Bro thing is TMP must come out clean and communicate with the community about what's really going on. The more they keep quiet is the more everyone will keep asking about the update. There was a rumour that the update is gonna come in June and yesterday an admin confirmed it of which TMP should have communicated the day SCS updated.
  16. Saw someone comment on FB that they heard that the update is gonna come in June
  17. So if I mod my truck using in game dlcs I'm safe right??
  18. Lols thought it was 1.37.. You are right bro, it was gonna be easier if we were getting updates on what's really happening but like wat u said, that's not gonna happen
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