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  1. What do you mean, you have your steering wheel on the right and in europe it is on the left. Im driving with my steering wheel on the left, since I live in Germany im used to it, and I dont see a reason why I should be using right hand driving
  2. I think they are a nice option for singleplayer but a danger in Multiplayer and should be disabled
  3. Even though that I think that ATS is the better game I still prefer ETS2. I think this is because Im more used to europe since I live here
  4. Jo, hab die FA angenommen. Bis Morgen dann.
  5. Hi Florian, ich würde gerne mitfahren. Du kannst mich gerne auf Steam adden, heiße dort genauso wie hier.
  6. I like both. Im usally driving with automatic but I also like it to drive with manual. Both have advantages, with automatic you can concentrate more on the traffic and with manual you have a way better control about your truck, something that annoys me is that my truck isnt shifting into 6th gear when driving 80kmh, but when I drive manual I can do that myself. Both have adventages and disadventages.
  7. What do you mean with text and drive? Ingame texting or using my real life phone? In the first case I dont think so, in the second case yes
  8. The rebuild part of Germany, some parts of Italy, and Scandinavia. The rebuild part of Germany looks really nice and realistic, it is a huge improvment compared to the vanilla part of germany. Italy has nice landscapes and some cool cities and Scandinavia has some cool roads, a nice landscape, and you dont need to slow down to 30 at toll booths compared to italy or france.
  9. Sorry to hear that you already made bad experiences. Im arent really familiar with the english names of the Nvidia functions, but I would recommend you to use instant replay instead of shadowplay. With instant replay you can set a specific amount of time (e.g. 30 seconds) and when a accident happens you can hit "save" and the last 45 seconds will be recorded. This way you have way shorter clips which shouldnt take that long to upload.
  10. When someone approches me in text I'm answering in text, when someone approches me in CB I answer in CB. But when I approach someone I always use text, this is why I also voted for this option
  11. I enjoy driving singe trailers more. It may sound stupid, but I find double trailers boring
  12. Needless to say that the arcade servers are, lets just say not my favorite. So the options are sim1 and sim2. Sim1 is more populated but on sim2 the people tend to stick more to the rules. I would say i enjoy driving sim1 more, but sim2 is maybe better for driving with friends
  13. Didnt they added a new MAN in march or so to the game? That was just a few months ago, give them some time
  14. How do you want this to be enforced? 1) By a gamemoderator who kicks players that are to far above the speedlimit or 2) by an automated system which automaticly kicks you when you are 10 mph over the speedlimit? I dont think the first case would work because the GM's are already way to busy with other stuff and in the second case: Where is exectly the diffrence between a system that kicks you if you are to fast and a system that prevents you to go to this speeds by an speedlimiter? Honestly, I think its pretty much the same
  15. I dont think that this part makes any sense at all, where is the problem about going against the games principles? I think one of the highest priorities/principles is to be fun for the player so where is the problem when a lot of players enjoy a more simulation like experience you can go in that direction. Or did I understand your point wrong?
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