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  1. Jo, hab die FA angenommen. Bis Morgen dann.
  2. Hi Florian, ich würde gerne mitfahren. Du kannst mich gerne auf Steam adden, heiße dort genauso wie hier.
  3. I dont think that this part makes any sense at all, where is the problem about going against the games principles? I think one of the highest priorities/principles is to be fun for the player so where is the problem when a lot of players enjoy a more simulation like experience you can go in that direction. Or did I understand your point wrong?
  4. I think 110km/h is still to much I would still lower that
  5. Do you just get kicked while driving normaly or do you do something specific? I get kicked sometimes when I open the map, I avoid this by opening the map after I'm in the game but before i hit drive. There are also a few other diffrent things you could do. -Close unnecessary programs you dont need while playing TruckersMP -If you have a SSD you could try to install your game on the SSD instead to increase the performance -Dont go to populated areas, I think it would be enough to avoid Calais-Duisburg I hope I could help you. Maybe you should try to contact the support?
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