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  1. Talking to you is pointless, maybe I was wrong and it doesn't take any effort for you not to see it, you really don't see it, cheers, rofl.
  2. You're missing the point, realism lovers and speed lovers were on same server, then instead of creating new server with 110KM/H limit for realism lovers you forced the speed lovers to play with realism lovers. And this is because folks like you (realism lovers), including the staff - realize that creating separate server with 110KM/H limit would not be populated enough and feel empty (guess why? because most of the players doesn't agree with that limit, right!) so instead you forced players who doesn't like the speed limit to play on 110KM/H and then you made "arcade" server which you knew wont be popular because of no collisions. It really takes a lot of effort from you guys to pretend not to see this, and seeing this thread with "oh my!!! why the hell a LOT of players drive with MAX speed?!?!?!?! whyyyyyyy!!!!, doesn't make sense!!!" - I'm sorry but this is plain stupid and you indirectly named me troll, well, I'm not, I play single player while waiting for normal community which is Infinite Truckers which will be launched in December, till then, i prefer to play singleplayer than on TMP no need to troll for me, rofl. Ok can I have my beer back?
  3. First you enforce 110KM/H limit server instead of leaving 150KM/H limit server and creating second one for players 100% dedicated to simulation, then you are wondering WHY the hell some players are speeding? Oh, wow, hold my beer, ROFL.
  4. I have perfect solution to your crying, wait for it..... . . . . . ====================> request from devs to introduce new speed limit: 60KM/H
  5. realasmo

    Road to Simulation

    I fully agree, since the update I will play only to drive 20km/h with friends, wanna over take? we make it hard for you, why overtaking? no rush dude TMP is dead, we all wait for Infinite Truckers
  6. realasmo

    Road to Simulation

    I just checked on Infinite Truckers - wow, looks like truckersmp is not the only one, thanks for letting me know, it looks like good alternative.
  7. realasmo

    Road to Simulation

    I will pass on truckersmp for now, there's nothing more for me since the changes, going back to single player, I think once SCS finish their official multiplayer there will be sane rules.
  8. realasmo

    Road to Simulation

    weezy, please consider making one arcade server with collisions enabled and without speed limit. The reasons are exactly as "Killua // Ireland" mentioned on previous page, I'm one of players who like semi-realism, I like to take real long routes like these over +2500 KM, often driving on empty highways, I'm usually driving after my full time job and with recent speed limits my eyes are closing on the road so im forced to play on arcade servers with ghost players, this is no fun, knowing i don't have to hit brakes when someone is in front of me because i can just drive thru him. For past few days I turned the game and simply closed it after a while. What I'm trying to say is - i love speed and it's challenging to drive fast and yet drive safe, that's what keeps me awake. These who like full realism already have 2 servers, these who like ghost players already have arcade servers, this is leaving players like me (and i believe i'm not alone) with pretty much nothing.
  9. Hello, I have tried the server without speed limit. However I still can't go any faster than 150km/h with my fully upgraded Volvo, how to drive faster than 150km/h on the Arcade server _WITHOUT_ speed limit? And I'm aware about this topic: - My question is related to Arcade server without speed limit.
  10. CrystaL, I'm not sure if you read my question, the question is: How to drive faster than 150km/h on Arcade server (with no speed limit) ? I'm aware that there are new speed limits on non-arcade servers.
  11. Hello, Today I have tried the server without speed limit. However I still can't go any faster than 150km/h with my fully upgraded Volvo, how to drive faster than 150km/h ?
  12. Hey, Is it possible to disable low air pressure as it's annoying?
  13. Hello, why did you moved my thread to trash instead of moving it to Suggestions thread ?


    1. Suleyman.53


      As I told you there, you can re-create your topic by following required format in the suggestion section.

    2. Suleyman.53


      I also suggest you take a look at this topic: 


      On 3/7/2019 at 8:38 PM, Kap said:

      Changing the speedlimit on 'x' Server:

      There are planned changes to the speedlimit to ensure the safest environment for players is achieved. Those changes need time to happen as there is a lot to think about.


      Thank you for understanding:wub:

    3. realasmo
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