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  1. Helt enig! har vært på truckers mp i ca 3 år nå, veldig sjelden jeg ser norsk aktivitet.
  2. Halla! Ser etter en clan jeg kan spille med innimellom, synes det er litt kjedelig å kjøre alene. De fleste kompisene mine er dritt lei truckers mp.
  3. Here where i am from (irl) you should change lane atleast 400m before you are going to the left forexample. I think it really depends on the country to be fair, the only reason i do it is so i dont cut pepole off.
  4. Ok so if i am taking a left turn 400m down the road i need to be in the right lane? Not really. I use the right lane when i'm not overtaking.
  5. I have encounter alot of pepole who are overtaking me on the right lane recently. I have experienced it alot this week, and mostt of them have been taking over on the right lane and it was pretty reckless.
  6. Hey! I was just wondering if the MP support any mods like trailer skins and such?
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