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  1. What's everyones favorite radio station while driving ingame? Personally, i really enjoy TruckersFM, pretty good mix of music along with some cool hosts
  2. I used to have ducks and i always tried to logic my way out of things, not much to my name lol
  3. -1 The limit is in place so people can't dont hit each other at incredibly high speeds. There may be a small chance of there being enough players for this to matter but when there is its a good thing.
  4. Another thing i'd love to see is as your truck gets more and more damaged, it starts doing stuff other than the engine just shutting off. Like if your engine was the part that was damaged the most it starts losing power, or maybe (ties in with the smoke suggestion) it starts blowing excessive blue or black smoke.
  5. If no ones around, run em! I usually just stop if theres people around, don't wanna t-bone someone!
  6. Personally, i haven't encountered many admins at all. Probably because i play mostly ATS, where im guessing there is very few admins driving around.
  7. Can't wait for more states! If they do Texas next, maybe we'll get cattle trailers too?
  8. I'd love to see some smoke coming out of the exhaust stacks on trucks! (Pretty sure this isn' already a thing ingame, might just be that i cant see it cuzi run medium)
  9. Since we should be getting the Lonestar next i hope to see Freightliners or maybe even Macks after that.
  10. While it would be cool to have the entirety of america to drive with friends, i agree with dragon. Theres not really enough players to even think about get C2C or really any other big map mods for that matter.
  11. Is there any winter weather mod compatible with ATSMP? I'm pretty sure Frosty's winter weather mod is only for ETS2 as i have tried installing it into ATS and it does not show up.
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