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  1. Really that was it, I am now going at full speed Thanks Personnel: D
  2. Hello Guys, Before upgrading 1:15 I played normal and could take the speed limit allowing me to go to more than 90 / k / h without Mods. Today I've tried several ways and my truck is only 90 kl / h I've tried the Multi mode and single and do not pass this speed, someone tell if it is no longer possible to go faster than that? PS. I've taken in options the speed limit option and yet I can not go faster than 90 / kl / h
  3. It, it was my profile that I was in trouble, I had to delete and create another, now is working fine, thanks.
  4. também estou com o mesmo problema, não consigo jogar, no meu caso o jogo fecha sozinho sempre que vlico em dirigir pra entrar no jogo.
  5. Hello everybody, I was usually playing online and decided to leave the game and download the new online version here the 0.1.3 R3 Alpha version forum in the case to wheel it presisaria upgrade to version 1.15 of the game made it all right and updated but now I can no longer play, the game opens, I go to my profile and when I click direct play closes alone and an error message as shown in the image below. when I click "yes" nothing happens and sometimes opens a page with nothing. he standard jogarmas I can, I can not play online = /
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