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  1. @[OBL] Mr Lispy thanks for your answer! Well, I guess that should be the way to go then, even though I hoped on something else. Eventually I will get used to a little deadzone, I hope. @Sabbi [GER] I will play again later today, I will let you know.
  2. Hi! Some days ago, I started playing Truckers MP again (with my Saitek steering wheel, pedals and side panel). Sometimes, my truck is steering to the left without me doing anything, and the frequence this happens depends on my steering sensitivity settings. Noticable is that it happens on the same place on the map multiple times, so I thought that it maybe is not a bug of my physical steering wheel itself. But this could also occur because I'm making the same movement with my steering wheel on that place of the map, I just don't know. An example is the entrance of the roundabout in Frankfurt, if you are coming from the highway. Can anybody help me? Thanks in advance, Menno
  3. For me the mods are working in singleplayer (I put them in ETS2\mods too) and in multiplayer they are recognised but not working. What should I do? 31-12 1pm: It's working
  4. Hey truckers, I don't know if it's a bug but it's very annoying. Today I started a job from Groningen to Dortmund. At 12am I stopped playing when I was 70km away from Dortmund. Now I came back and finished the mission. I got nothing because I was too late, probably because I stopped but the server time is still continuing when I'm offline. Can you fix this? Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2 multiplayer Mod Version: Controllers Used: Saitek Farming Simulator wheel, pedals and side controller How to reproduce: Accept a mission and finish it later Screenshots / Videos: not necessary
  5. You are right, but it's not the most acceptable way for installing files.
  6. Okay I also got a fake Windows site now which was telling me to do something (probably installing a virus). So I'm not gonna risk demolishing my recently bought pc, I will just play without this malware.
  7. Hmm okay, thanks. But it's weird. Btw I see I'm not the only one.
  8. Can someone upload the files to dropbox or something like that? I don't trust that website as it's giving me notifications and I got a fake notification from Windows Defender. The second time I got an advertisement. Hopefully somebody is able to upload the files on a trustworthy website.
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