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  1. As 2018 comes to a Close I would like to personally wish everyone a Happy New Year. I have been on TruckersMP for as long as it has been out but only recently joined the Forum. The Forum is very welcoming and I like being active on here and interacting with the community. 


    Some of you might recognise my profile picture, that is because I am a Radio Presenter for TruckSimFM, feel free to go and check out their website. You can also listen in the game. TruckSimFM used to be EuroTruckRadio until we changed names early December. https://trucksim.fm/


    I thank you all for the warm welcomes I have had here on the Forums and hope that I stay active here in the future looking into 2019! 


    Happy New Year,


    TruckSimFM Presenter



    1. Sentinel.


      Welcome to the forums! :D 

      And a happy new year

  2. Hello Neutronet, Most people drive sensibly and take it as a realistic roleplay game. However, there are a few people who drive recklessly for fun. This is why we have the Game Moderators. There are also different servers so: - EU#1 Has a Speed limit of 90mph/kmh And other servers have other specialities. So there is a mixture of drivers, I hope this helped. Kind Regards, Alex.
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