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  1. My interest in multiplayer has been shredded by this update. One reason is the speed limiter. I don't have a lot of time to play the game, I generally live a busy life, and because of that I try and go as fast as possible without being reckless. That means upwards of 80mph (128kmh). The new speed limit cuts me off of this. I can just disable the speed limiter in single player, so why not play that when I'm short on time? When I need to get somewhere fast, and I don't want to use my truck or fast travel, I use the scout car. The fact that something as simple as a car might be banned for the name of simulation mildly outrages me. Cars exist in the real world and are the majority of traffic on nearly every highway no matter where you go in Europe. If you want to simulate the real world, cars should be a no-brainer. I understand why cars might be taken away, due to some dumb***es that drive them, but that's just a matter of better regulation and more moderators and admins, which would make the game more realistic. In my time of driving, (hundreds of hours), I have never come in contact with a moderator or admin. More mods and admins would reduce corruption between them, and improve the overall simulation and confidence of players. Needless to say, I'm not playing multiplayer until something changes. I want collisions, no speed limiter, and cars on one server because that's how I play.
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