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  1. Spot on mate, spot on... I was also a driver who mainly rode in Simulation 1 to avoid the annoying behavior of trolls and GTA idiots. At the moment I am even running on the busiest Simulation Server, something I hadn't expected anymore. Apart from some minor incidents, this is going well. The change of TMP has meant a lot to me and I am very happy with it. As far as I'm concerned, the maximum speed may be slightly back, to 85 km.
  2. Provided that I wish the children and drivers an Arcade Server with collisions, I think that what you say is good. Let these "Drivers" rather leave TMP. If TMP (fortunately) choose Simulation, then you have to go as Speedy and Bumping type....
  3. What I really like about TMP is that they stick to their decision. I am convinced that the Simulation Servers will become even more suitable for realistic drivers if the maximum speed were to be lowered even more. Max 90 km on the highways in ETS2, possibly slightly more (but not much) in the USA. Speed is the biggest trigger for the trolls and kids ....
  4. This is soooo True... I have been active for nearly a year as a realistic TMP driver. Until now, I can only applaud the changes I have seen in my period. It would indeed be fantastic if TMP finally succeed in adding AI on TMP. Until then it just means waiting and enjoying, Cheers,
  5. 805/5000 I have a few things to say about the new changes: To start with, I am happy with the new Simulation Servers. I personally think the maximum speed is too high and gives too many options for the wannabee courours. The trolls have unfortunately not gone away but I have been saved a few times by Moderators. I don't know exactly where trolls exist but my suspicion is that they are children, or frustrated males, or people who have something to compensate for. Quite sad types so as far as I'm concerned. Why not a variant where you paid a deposit or paid for a session. In addition, good registration with, for example, a deposit. As soon as something costs money you immediately get differences. I think a lot of people have no problem paying for Simulation.
  6. I think you are absolutely and completely wrong. The competitor of TMP does not focus on the same drivers, at least until now. With the positive change of TMP, this will mean that fewer realistic drivers will switch en masse. The trolls and Formula 1 drivers are not at all interesting to both in my eyes. But time will tell ..... Cheers,
  7. I am a driver who drives ETS2 and ATS. A large proportion of ETS2 drivers probably think that the ATS cards are a bit boring and long-winded. Furthermore, I personally think that the European trucks are nicer, more beautiful and more realistic. More happens in the same time in ETS2, with ATS you drive longer parts and this is a bit quieter. I drive ATS to find peace. I love to tour for a while with vast landscapes.
  8. It would indeed be fantastic for me to pay for it, for example, 1 or 2 friends. Preferably with Promods and AI. I would certainly have a subscription for that. Unfortunately I don't think this will be possible soon. Until then I hope to drive MP as realistic as possible.
  9. I totally agree with you. In my eyes it is the safest and easiest thing to do. Cheers,
  10. It would also be my preference that 1 Server is Arcade with collisions. This reduces the chance that trolls will come to simulation servers. But it is also true that TMP can make the policy, they make it possible for all of us to drive together. I still wish you a lot of pleasure and hopefully the new change will ultimately bring you pleasure.
  11. Suggestion Name: Allow Interior and exterior items ETS2 and ATS Suggestion Description: Would it be theoretically possible that TMP bv has its own MODs for interior and perhaps also engine sounds for driving at TMP? Any example images: - Why should it be added?: I personally like decorating the cabin more to my taste. In itself I would think that this does not have to be disturbing for the other players. Does anyone have an idea why ATS has no more choice in interior items? In ETS2 you have a bit more choice of interior items than is the case with ATS. Would it be theoretically possible that TMP bv has its own MODs for interior and perhaps also engine sounds for driving at TMP? Has this ever been different and do you think it might ever be added? I personally like decorating the cabin more to my taste. In itself I would think that this does not have to be disturbing for the other players. I would like to hear your thoughts on this and hopefully TMP programmers can respond as well. Thanks everyone, Cheers
  12. It is perfectly clear what you want. Unfortunately for you, TMP seems to opt for Simulation. For me also the most logical choice for a program called Truck Simulator. Be happy that they still give you a choice to play because it is clear that what you would like to do does not fit with TMP. I am happy with the chosen path of TMP. Cheers,
  13. It would indeed be better to have a maximum of 90 km to drive. Personally, the cars may be banned from me, I see no added value in this.
  14. It is wonderful to read the whiners and the non argmunents that it has become so boring. I drove around on simulation 2, it was busy, no weird behavior and everyone I encountered had visible fun. Compared to the previous simulation server it was very busy, delicious. I ended the evening very satisfied. To come back to your comment, I would prefer nothing more than 1 server where the max speed is 90 km. A Big Thank you for TMP!!!!!! Cheers,
  15. Well spoken, good motivation too, totally agree.
  16. Completely understandable opinion, totally agree with you. On the positive side, TMP is making great and good efforts for me to bring back Simulation. For us Simulation drivers it may feel like slow but I really think that this new policy is a very good big step. I am very happy with it, who knows what is coming soon about improvements in TMP, Cheers, Happy Trucking ..
  17. Then you are currently in heaven with 2 Arcade Servers.
  18. I think he means Infinite Truckers.....
  19. I totally agree with you. Create a simulation server with even lower speed and especially without cars. The other simulation server with higher speed and the cars there. Then 2 arcade, one with collisions. I think this reduces most of the complaints I read here on the forum.
  20. I would totally love to play with only one or two buddys and AI. This would be my perfect world on ETS2......
  21. I fully agree with Edgecrusher and I would love to see this. But I think it is terribly difficult to get this right for TMP at the moment. For example, I would really like to be able to drive with just a few people, including AI and some MODS, such as engine noise and so on. Unfortunately it is not (yet) ready.
  22. I totally agree with you, thumbs up ... For me, Spain, Andorra, Ireland would be on top.
  23. A reversing camera, more cabin accessories, More choice from engine sound, movable / adjustable GPS, WOT loads for your own trailer. Eine Rückfahrkamera, mehr Kabinenzubehör, mehr Auswahl an Motorsound, bewegliches / einstellbares GPS, WOT lädt für Ihren eigenen Anhänger. Een achteruitrij camera, meer cabine accesoires, Meer keuze uit motorgeluid, verplaatsbaar/ aanpasbare GPS, WOT vrachten voor eigen trailer.
  24. Van harte gefeliciteerd! Glückwunsch! Congratulations!
  25. To me this subject is very vague to say the least. I understand that you have to limit MP to run smoothly. Personally, I would have had enough with the accessories in the cabin as is currently possible with ETS2. I would also like to see this at ATS because I notice that it influences my playing. I therefore drive less at ATS. I would like to have some standard choices from TMP for engine sound and accessories in the cabin. I also enjoy realistic driving on TMP almost every day. Für mich ist dieses Thema sehr vage, um es gelinde auszudrücken. Ich verstehe, dass Sie MP einschränken müssen, um reibungslos zu funktionieren. Persönlich hätte ich mit dem Zubehör in der Kabine genug gehabt, wie es derzeit bei der ETS2 möglich ist. Ich würde das auch gerne bei ATS sehen, weil ich merke, dass es mein Spiel beeinflusst. Ich fahre deshalb weniger bei ATS. Ich hätte gerne ein paar Standardoptionen von TMP für Motorklang und Zubehör in der Kabine. Ich mag es auch fast jeden Tag, realistisch mit TMP zu fahren. Voor mij is dit onderwerp op zijn zachtst gezegd erg vaag. Ik begrijp dat je moet beperken om MP vlot te laten lopen. Persoonlijk zou ik genoeg hebben met de accesoires in de cabine zoals tot nu kan bij ETS2. Ik zou dit ook graag bij ATS zien want ik merk dat het mijn spelen beinvloed. Ik kom daardoor minder rijden bij ATS. Ik zou graag wat standaard keuzes willen hebben vanuit TMP voor motor geluid en accessoires in de cabine. Verder geniet ik bijna elke dag van realistisch rijden op TMP.
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