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  1. I also play with 3 screens. Opening and starting with OpenGL works. Another solution is to move the mouse to the left or right at that window at the top of the orange section until you see the login button. After that you have to gamble the Server but it is usually in the same place. After that, everything works as normal on the TMP ingame screens. the nametags ingame cannot be read either. But your game runs on DX11. (incidentally, I think the transition to DX11 is no improvement, on the contrary if you play with 3 screens)
  2. This is exactly what I do too. Another reason is that I do not film continuously, so ingame reporting is useless. If I meet a troll, I don't respond at all and, if necessary, just stand still without any sign. Usually the fun is over quickly. But it is very sad with the trolls and reckless drivers, too bad ..
  3. I enjoyed participating in such an event for the first time. TMP had clearly made good preparations and was well present to make sure everything went smoothly. TMP deserves a big compliment for the effort shown. What disappointed me was the overwhelming amount of speed drivers, the disrespectful behavior on the road of the drivers. This struck me like a cold shower. Unfortunately it became clear to me that a large part of the participants has nothing to do with simulation in any way. I found the video with the delivery van sadly poor, including the driving style. It may sound very nagging, I don't mean that. Such an event should be embraced by the participants. You show this by behaving properly and with respect on the road. Cheers,
  4. Is Version working with 1.36 ATS? That would be awesome.. Thanks for the good work. Cheers, It does work in ATS 1.36, this is briliant... Some minor errors during selection of cargo but no biggie... Thanks for this Program.
  5. I think this is the most ridiculous thing I've read. Perhaps you should take a closer look at the matter before you utter such nonsense. Nobody is hunted for costs, nobody is obliged to buy something to ride on TMP. If you want everything for free, yes then you are indeed out of luck. Really embarrassing this post ....
  6. Thank you for your effort to put it in the format of a manual. I will certainly look at this. Unfortunately, it is still very important that I have some evidence on TMP. Thank you, Cheers
  7. I want to give you a big compliment for this perfect program (TS SE Tool). However, I have encountered a small problem. If I make loads to drive in TMP Promods, I can never meet the delivery time. I think this is because the route length is regularly set at 5 km. Could a workaround be that every ride that is not recognized with length, that it then has a standard value of for example 2000 km? I think this will solve this problem for now. Can I enter a distance somewhere if the program cannot calculate or retrieve it? With best regards, Rob
  8. Oh well, where exactly does the frustration come from? My advice was meant to be friendly, very unfortunate that you react so unnecessarily and insultingly. I just hope for TMP that this does not reflect your behavior in traffic. Good luck with yourself,
  9. Go to Promods, read and learn. Go to Youtube and watch. It's quite easy to do and it is good to read about others and getting advice. I hope you are right...
  10. 482/5000 I think the moderators do their best very well and intervene very often. I do agree that there are a lot of non-serious players who mainly race with far too long combis. From my point of view TMP could stop allowing the double trailers. These are usually the most anti-social and bad drivers. Hopefully the majority of these "players" will not buy the additional cards, then they will hopefully not be on the Promods Servers. AI in traffic would be fantastic indeed. I fear that this will not be successful because TMP has already indicated that SCS changes things too often into AI. Personally I would like to run on dedicated servers with a few people. The large community is nice but on a small scale it seems even more fantastic to me. Then you only allow whom you want to drive with.
  11. Will the new Launcher also be suitable for 3 screens and DX11? At the moment I cannot use DX11 on TMP with 3 screens. Sorry if the question has been asked more than once, I couldn't find anything about it on the forum.
  12. When I go riding on TMP this is usually together with my brother. We drive through all areas and therefore actually swarm around. France is nice driving, Scandinavia because of the longer daylight. England is also fun to do but it is less attractive at the moment. From me it could be adjusted in terms of daylight, for example dark between 00:00 and 03:00 and then light again. Usually when we drive it is after a working day and we often find that we have to drive in the dark. That is not bad in itself but you do not want this on most days.
  13. Spot on mate, spot on... I was also a driver who mainly rode in Simulation 1 to avoid the annoying behavior of trolls and GTA idiots. At the moment I am even running on the busiest Simulation Server, something I hadn't expected anymore. Apart from some minor incidents, this is going well. The change of TMP has meant a lot to me and I am very happy with it. As far as I'm concerned, the maximum speed may be slightly back, to 85 km.
  14. Provided that I wish the children and drivers an Arcade Server with collisions, I think that what you say is good. Let these "Drivers" rather leave TMP. If TMP (fortunately) choose Simulation, then you have to go as Speedy and Bumping type....
  15. What I really like about TMP is that they stick to their decision. I am convinced that the Simulation Servers will become even more suitable for realistic drivers if the maximum speed were to be lowered even more. Max 90 km on the highways in ETS2, possibly slightly more (but not much) in the USA. Speed is the biggest trigger for the trolls and kids ....
  16. This is soooo True... I have been active for nearly a year as a realistic TMP driver. Until now, I can only applaud the changes I have seen in my period. It would indeed be fantastic if TMP finally succeed in adding AI on TMP. Until then it just means waiting and enjoying, Cheers,
  17. 805/5000 I have a few things to say about the new changes: To start with, I am happy with the new Simulation Servers. I personally think the maximum speed is too high and gives too many options for the wannabee courours. The trolls have unfortunately not gone away but I have been saved a few times by Moderators. I don't know exactly where trolls exist but my suspicion is that they are children, or frustrated males, or people who have something to compensate for. Quite sad types so as far as I'm concerned. Why not a variant where you paid a deposit or paid for a session. In addition, good registration with, for example, a deposit. As soon as something costs money you immediately get differences. I think a lot of people have no problem paying for Simulation.
  18. I think you are absolutely and completely wrong. The competitor of TMP does not focus on the same drivers, at least until now. With the positive change of TMP, this will mean that fewer realistic drivers will switch en masse. The trolls and Formula 1 drivers are not at all interesting to both in my eyes. But time will tell ..... Cheers,
  19. I am a driver who drives ETS2 and ATS. A large proportion of ETS2 drivers probably think that the ATS cards are a bit boring and long-winded. Furthermore, I personally think that the European trucks are nicer, more beautiful and more realistic. More happens in the same time in ETS2, with ATS you drive longer parts and this is a bit quieter. I drive ATS to find peace. I love to tour for a while with vast landscapes.
  20. It would indeed be fantastic for me to pay for it, for example, 1 or 2 friends. Preferably with Promods and AI. I would certainly have a subscription for that. Unfortunately I don't think this will be possible soon. Until then I hope to drive MP as realistic as possible.
  21. I totally agree with you. In my eyes it is the safest and easiest thing to do. Cheers,
  22. It would also be my preference that 1 Server is Arcade with collisions. This reduces the chance that trolls will come to simulation servers. But it is also true that TMP can make the policy, they make it possible for all of us to drive together. I still wish you a lot of pleasure and hopefully the new change will ultimately bring you pleasure.
  23. Suggestion Name: Allow Interior and exterior items ETS2 and ATS Suggestion Description: Would it be theoretically possible that TMP bv has its own MODs for interior and perhaps also engine sounds for driving at TMP? Any example images: - Why should it be added?: I personally like decorating the cabin more to my taste. In itself I would think that this does not have to be disturbing for the other players. Does anyone have an idea why ATS has no more choice in interior items? In ETS2 you have a bit more choice of interior items than is the case with ATS. Would it be theoretically possible that TMP bv has its own MODs for interior and perhaps also engine sounds for driving at TMP? Has this ever been different and do you think it might ever be added? I personally like decorating the cabin more to my taste. In itself I would think that this does not have to be disturbing for the other players. I would like to hear your thoughts on this and hopefully TMP programmers can respond as well. Thanks everyone, Cheers A pity that there is no response from TMP. I don't always find the Forum as clear and I don't know if my question is in the right place. Until now very satisfied with the new TMP / Promods collaboration.
  24. It is perfectly clear what you want. Unfortunately for you, TMP seems to opt for Simulation. For me also the most logical choice for a program called Truck Simulator. Be happy that they still give you a choice to play because it is clear that what you would like to do does not fit with TMP. I am happy with the chosen path of TMP. Cheers,
  25. It would indeed be better to have a maximum of 90 km to drive. Personally, the cars may be banned from me, I see no added value in this.
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