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  1. Congratulatios Frosty!! :D

  2. Hello, Suggestion Name: Website report and in game action relation. Suggestion Description: As some players don't know this thing that if a player is still online while a moderator bans him via a website report, that player's ban will activate once he/she disconnects or gets kicked. I suggest that website ban could cause immediately activation (the player would be forced out from the server). Any example images: None Why should it be added?: This example can provide information why it should be added. Not so long time ago there was a hacker in the server that made the game pretty much unplayable. He was ramming players for a long time on a congested C-D road. After I lost my temper I created the report ticket and requested game moderator to ban him. He banned him permanently via the website. I thought it was over. But after I got online back (about 2 hours later) I was surprised that this player was still playing and damaging other players. On that day there were very few game moderators. And this hacker of course didn't make other players happy. This incident wasn't uncommon. After I report a player (mostly hackers) I always press on perpetrator profile and I can see that sometimes he is already banned permanently, but keeps playing the game (activated). Of course this suggestion isn't very needful, but still by accepting it, it could improve the game. Kind regards, Johnas2
  3. Well thats ok then. This topic can be closed. Kind regards, Johnas2
  4. Almost finished, but I need someone from a team member to conclude my question. Is going less than speed based limits in areas of high population is punishable? (I am talking about players going in a straight line)
  5. Hello @Dark_Fusion, Long time ago I had the same question, I was confused. The blue arrow has the priority. And as they have the priority, that means that they are in the main road too. And remember that this road sign means that you DO NOT have the priority http://prntscr.com/m9ec7w. Kind regards, Johnas2
  6. Thanks @Sentinel_. So going less than speed based limits in areas of high population is punishable, am I right @[TAL] Xris?
  7. Hello, As I was playing this game, there were two players who were going 50 kph or less on very congested Calais-Duisburg road. They caused really big traffic and a big anger from other players. So can they go on that speed in that road lawfully? Kind regards, Johnas2
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