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  1. It's a pain to cooperate with mental issues and disabilities. I honestly love when people open up about such things. Since my very young age I have schyzophrenia, bipolar disorder and amnesia. I'd try to find people with similar issues and I would talk to them to feel better. Later on I found myself in gaming, which makes me feel calm and free. A lot of people stop living normal lives, thinking they're not like the rest. That's.. Sad. It always brightens up my day, when I see someone opening a conversation about such things. Having friends with autism and mental issues I know the struggles and I can't help myself but think ''Damn, my mental issues are nothing.'' I'm glad even the TruckersMP team understands the importance of this topic. ♥
  2. It indeed might be because you have ''too many'' trailers. I personally haven't seen anyone with this combination of triple trailers. In case you want to have a triple trailer try ''smaller'' combinations.
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