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  1. Don-Bur from United Kingdom? Comment: Hello familIy # OneTruckFamily # the event is over but our love for the British Isles is firm as Churchill's words. I want to bring today the British trailers of the biggest British manufacturer I know, online. Their trailers are fantastic and would be an asset to the British map along with update needs. I think of their double deck trailers as exclusive to the UK for the ETS2 game. So look well, search, and rate. Aerodynamic Teardrop Trailer A standard 13.6m Teardrop trailer 26 UK pallets. CO2 emissions are directly proportional to fuel consumed (2.63kgs CO2 / litre Diesel). One combination travelling 60,000 miles per annum at 8.5 mpg will consume 32,080 litres of diesel and generate 84.37 tonnes of CO2. A 10% reduction in fuel use will cut CO2 emissions by 8.4 tonnes. 11% economic fuel CURTAINSIDED 'TEARDROP' TRAILER http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180117-PMT-TDR.pdf Body lenght 'Teardrop' Trailer 14 UK pallets capacity http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180109-DBC2.pdf Double Deck Trailers 52 UK pallet 15% economic fuel Urban Double Decks Wedge Double Decks Special Double Decks CURTAINSIDED DOUBLE DECK TRAILER - LENGTH FIXED DECK http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180202-PMTDD.pdf BOX VAN DOUBLE DECK TRAILER - LENGTH LIFTING DECK http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180201-BVTLD.pdf CURTAINSIDED DOUBLE DECK TRAILER - RATCHET DECK http://www.donbur.co.uk/gb-en/cad/180205-PMTRD.pdf Trailers Double Deck 'Wedge' 52 UK pallet capacity Ratchet Decks Trailers Lifting Decks Trailers Wedge Lifting Decks Two-Tier Tail-Lifts So what did you think of the DON-BUR trailers, tell me your opinions. Should SCS software include for UK the displayed trailers? Could they run all over Europe or something more exclusive like the doubles were in Scandinavia?
  2. Very good research! Congratulations !


    Brazilian, inventor, manufactures trucks. Your first model took 2 years to complete.


    An investment of  R$10 thousand reais.

    Lontras- Santa Catarina/ SC.

    Carlos Alexander Baumgart - joiner.



    complete  report. Conclusion  Mini-Truck.


    Original report


    Truck - class cargo . Red  board truck.

    Before the law the mini truck can have common plate of loads or special plate of invention and prototypes.

    The young man chose to plate loads.

    It means you can roll normally.


    Other Brazilians also build their mini trucks.

    We are passionate about trucks, the main means of cargo transportation.

    Lavras - Minas Gerais /MG.



    Oscar Baca and his mini truck. In the profile, you have videos of all the construction of Mini-trucks.

    City, I do not know, but I believe it's South of Brazil.



    Aparecida de Goias - GOIAS/GO


    Talison  Almeida


    Built one of the best mini trucks not BRAZIL AND WITH A VERY handsome TRAILER. WAS on sale in 2017.

    They believe this kind of thing and image at parties of truckers and rodeos, city festivities.

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    2. plinio_lisboa



      Shalala lala

      You tube, there are several breeders here in Brazil there are tractors, harvesters.

      I'll show it to you.







      In Brazil, mini tractors are built by necessity.  Small tractors cost a lot of peasants. And here people like machines, they prefer this than legwork. Then they make adaptations. Usually motorcycle engine.




      I know only this case. Mini child reamer. We had real brands of national mini standard harvesters.


      Company was "DALLA", no longer exists.


       She helped to mechanize the farms. But we still have a lot of peasants and this sector today only has 1 new small business but has not entered the market yet.


      This was the 1st 100% national harvester, the plant was called SLC, "Schimidt Ltda Company". SCL started from scratch as old brands of harvesters, it did not reverse engineer as some countries do, it is usually illegal. After a long time it developed grain deposit and discharge pipe in bulk. She became a rival of John-Deere. So Jhon-Deere joined in buying 60% of the shares of the Schimidt family. Today it is called SLC JHON DEERE. Here in Brazil, the Americans did not want to erase the history of the company, which Brazilians love so much.


      This is the standard logo on the sides But in front the seal is jhon-deere.



      Claims? Zero. I hope I have shared some of the Brazilian culture and history. Everything here is linked to trucks all of them to get the farms.


      Good night.


    3. Özgür59


      mini tractors are awesome I loved it, caserio useful for small garden, in Turkey farmers spend tons of money for case or new holland. 



    4. plinio_lisboa



      And it is not very difficult to build just knowing average level mechanics. Exactly my dear. It is a necessary stage of agriculture. Until the USA, it had this stage and strong companies of mini machines. Mini machines help poor people in their tasks. For some it can be fun for kids. But think for example, mini truck, very useful...

      when you are carpenter, bricklayer, gardener and need to carry supplies such as wood, paint tools, earth, pots for plants, etc. AND GENERALLY even simple people, without even used car, car trailer would be dream. then build with recyclable parts such as chassis, axles, wheels, ... So it's time for the Turks to do such things, creative, alternative, until they have money. Because trend is the TURKISH LIRA, continue to lose value. This leads to inflation, leads to everything being more expensive including tractors.



      Speaking ... in ... tractors we already had our PROPRIA COMPANY, it was called CBT - Companhia Brasileira de Tratores.



      We still use a lot. Easy mechanical, robust, powerful. It only has 2 defects; brake and steering over time, it takes looseness requires 2 turns to make back movement.


      When you look at agriculture map, CBT opened fields, forests, roads. Seat had damper thing evolved for the time.



  4. New trailers

    Does anyone know or have seen these trailers from this company?
    It would be very interesting in ET2.


    do not know about you friends, but some like "Krone", "Schwarzmüller".

    In the late evening, the trailer appears as a UK company.

    The company "DON-BUR" is gone.

    Specifically aerodynamic trailer and elevating trailers.


    If you like, just tell me something ...




    Aerodynamic trailers.



    Teardrop trailer.



    Others interesting trailers for ETS2.


    Double Deck Trailers





    Dismountable trailers.


    Double deck trailers.




    Lift trailers.


    Simple lift trailer




    Single Ram  Pulley Trailer





    Box Van Lifting Deck Trailer


    Ratchets trailes.


    Company trailer: Don -Bur


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    2. plinio_lisboa


      Marc [NL]


      This is very good allows for twice as much cargo per trip. Here in Brazil I do not know exister. maybe there is but I never found one.

      Maybe because our highway is still not a carpet for this low chassis.  When I unlock, I will show you the Minister of Transport.



      Man, is "privatizing" the main highways and in exchange contracts establish obligatoriamnte duplicate.


      Great majority much flow and accident, death, mutilated. We elect a right-wing government, just to be RADICAL.

      5 months 20 highways already in the hands of educational companies.



      And the government was dedicated to making the completion of roads and not attractive in places forgotten like the BR 163 in PARÁ/state. Over 40 years it was dirt and mud road.


      It is being completed this year by the army.


      40 years asphalting, has more than 1,800 km. surely. It is vital my MT state.


      These beautiful trailers DON-BUR is just dream driver.


      We have a larger mesh than the US, but we have a serious budget problem. Our social security is old, the government spends almost 60% of taxes on retired employees, with super salaries, some higher than the president. The minister, Tarcisio, always speaks of the French and Italian model, as we see in ETS2.


      We are trying to get out of the model of simple highways as Baltic countries to migrate to the Polish model. And so, in the future have a modern mesh. Maybe we'll see it in the landscape. Netherland has flat relief advantage overall, very good for highways.



      My son, we have a complicated relief, many mountains of low and medium altitud, many parallel, crusades, a complication, and steep, we call "saws".




      We have the "chapadas", they are of steep sides, the flat top. Difficult to make accesses.




      Plains as of their country we have few and very dense population, cities, farms and roads, in general saturated, to update them for these good trailers will cost billions, to expropriate lands, houses, factories ... many people.



      But government wants to do without the moral one also, from the claims of the left, because it will be companies to do for the government. Let's see we have 56 concessions by the end of the year. Hugs ... I'll update if I find it here in Brazil. Very interesting.  Thankful for the fedback

    3. plinio_lisboa




      So, just one of the Don-Bur trailers looks like it manufactures, on top of the chassis. But since the aerodynamic trailer requires low chassis, maybe they will make it. In any case, good trailers of this company. It would be great at ETS. I found this afternoon. I wanted to share. I found Chinese trailer good for the special loads or the loads posted tomorrow.

      Twitter: @DonBurGroup

      Maybe the company answers question.



    4. plinio_lisboa


      FernandoCR [ESP]


      Yes. Exactly. They would be good trailers on ETS2. Very different. I LIKE today TRAILERS Don-Bur.

  5. Good Morning! TMP



    New highways in Europe in 2021 forward.


    Remembering that Malta is still not possible to appear in the game, because scale of the map is still small.


    The connection to the country is by ferry in Italy:



    Ferry La Valleta (Malta) - Pozzalo.

    Ferry Valletta (Malta) - Catânia.



    Ferry Valetta (Malta) - Salerno





    Ferries between Malta and Catania,Salerno are not on Google Maps and Google Earth.


    Current national ferry connections:





    The Norwegian Highway will have 4 lanes, is an extension within the ambition to elude Lilehammer with Oslo.


    1-Norway new motorway.

    Norway’s Nye Veier will tender 23 km of motorway:


    Norwegian state-owned road developer Nye Veier has announced the tendering of a 23km four-lane motorway between Roterud and Storhove along Lake Mjøsa.





    2-Gozo tunnel motorway.


    Gozo tunnel receives bipartisan support from MPs without studies being published.

    Government plans for a 13-kilometre tunnel running options  Manikata, Mellieha  to Nadur.









    Malta-Gozo Tunnel Project Description Statement

    https://era.org.mt/en/Documents/Gozo-Malta Tunnel - PDS.pdf

  6. View  live Streaming. New player Brazilian.




    MAP EAA.-[MOD]-  MAP BRAZIL in ETS2.  + 500 CITIES.

    FRA/ Metz - Garanhus /BRA




  7. This information was not there. Generally it is the 1st indicative of DLC to have plates with destination indication, future expansions. Murmansk already appears on official sign, Moscow as well. I hope Ireland, Spain, Portugal or Ireland, Wales, Scotland. I find this type of regionalization more attractive in parts than whole countries. It's wait for next DLC, it's on the road, it sends out "future brve-ireland".
  8. I will not say anything. Just as the 16th force in the World Truck, it made victimizing pressure to have its "DLC" of 3% of its territory and excluding the 14th force of the World Truck in solidarity with its victim cousins in limits. BELGRAD is always hurting, now even in games. Ingenuity we call this. Slovenia, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia were also harmed. Quieter, each one has a kind of naivety, some is in serious things like geopolitics, created a totally absurd DLC conceptually and geographically. Life is like that, really. This DLC will buy only on promotion, things poorly designed, deserve little credit. I am in solidarity players Serbian. They did a lot of campaigning for a new DLC, but in the end ... the chorus party prevailed. And you know, it would appear newspapers, magazines: "Eastern European games company from that country of the Right, oppressed, not making the map as our own wanted. End. Do not come crying, which victimizer does not sensitize me, I know geopolitics. Others communities of players, from countries now euphoric for being in the DLC, did not understand the EXCLUSION of Serbia and the others in the DLC. Of course the company will speak in the "politically correct" way: "Question of scale". Negative. The reality is different.
  9. Search: Biggest routes to Istanbul.



  10. The answer to your question. Aberdeen is no longer there is a bigger route, but SASSARI - INSTAMBUL. Aberdeen will be the second longest round in ETS2 for Istanbul. 1° Sassari - Instambul. Route 1 Sassari - Instambul. Route 2 2° Aberdeen - Istambul. 3° Stanvagner - Instambul. 4° Brest - Istambul. 5° Bordaux - Istambul. 6° Tampere - Istambul. 7° Saint Petersburg - Istambul.
  11. Your country. Worth every penny. Yes, it will be good, Romanian community in ETS is great and good drivers. It will be good to know your beautiful and great country. I hope Dobruja is on the map, I find the Romanian coastline beautiful with the Rhine delta. Walaquia, Transylvania, Dacia. Difficult to choose which region is more beautiful. Thanks for the info, OLT Valley prudence enhanced. Buy and have emotion later with the new DLC that has ROMENIA! It will be exciting.
  12. I agree. It is a great mistake not to have countries in the Yugoslavia region. They are countries with connections to Italy by ferry: Croatia, Montengro and Albania, in Greece. It was very strange for the DLC, not fluent. In theory, being in Romania will be an advantage in DLC: Number of cities, highways. It will be tiring: Sassari- Palermo / Naples, whatever, Austria, Hungary ... Romania to reach Istanbul. This DLC is without notion, ever made. All others have logic, easy fluency. There are people confusing online garage buying tool with teleportation with charge. That does not exist. If it exists, it will be another design error in the DLC. It has already excluded the part that would give fluid traffic with Italy, which is the countries of Yugoslavia. I'm going to buy .... but? But it's a very, very bad project. Thracia should be grand finale. They understand. To be the first DLC of Asia Truck - ASIATIC TURKEY with Ankara. Then the "weather" mystery about the STRAIT BOSFORO broke. And erased that desire what has ... after Ankara, what is there? Every DLC is useful. But that already makes me lose a desire well before sales. Let's see a DUSIBURG-Calais between ISTANBUL-BURGAS? Question that nobody did: the Turks will descend from DUISBURG-CALAIS ... how will it be a new second full point will be INSTAMBUL-BURGAS? This DLC will give a lot of "trecta" (PROBLEMS) in this multiplayer ... Wait for little friends ... the magic to happen. I want to be away! You know more north point on the map there I will be. iOi ----------------------- TheCreepyTruckr. OK.OK, if you say so. I trust. Case closed. But current system without patrollers is not realistic.
  13. This is the flaw in TMP. Moderators should exist in 2 categories: patrolmen with defined stretches of routes to be done, and flow moderators or sheriffs. These would be to inspect the reports, map density and trigger patrollers to areas that gave density. Patrolmen could have base at fuel stations. Always in pairs. One takes care of the snippet in one direction of counterfeit the other in the opposite way. Your patrol job would be to record and give little bans of minutes. The player would know not to enter or try to access. These warnings do not count for history. But serious things, yes. The mere presence of a patrolling moderator inhibits a lot. It would discourage moderators because it would reduce crime flows, so to speak. Simple idea and would solve very CALAIS-DUISBURG for example. Ps: You understood correctly. thankful.
  14. Future Istambul - Terkidag (?), Kumbag( ?) (Are great port). Only time will respond. As the map expands, in theory the density decreases in the Duisburg-Calais. But the definitive solution comes with an expansion of the map scale for the BE-NE-LUX group countries. With more cities and roads. How much only drags with the police patrol will be equated. Something that the current Lobby of moderators does not want, lose the privilege of being UNIQUES to drive police cars. How is a police / moderator coverage? I've already had an alternative idea to get patrolmen. Lobby rejects, of course.
  15. NOVA DLC: "CAMINHO PARA O MAR NEGRO" Para onde essas novas estradas levam? É a questão que muitos de jogadores na comunidade têm especulado ao longo dos últimos meses, e hoje animadamente SCS software anunciou a próxima expansão do mapa para o Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Road to the Black Sea. Clique para ver o Gif ou interagir no Twitter. - "CAMINHO PARA O MAR NEGRO" - Confirmado que esta nova adição trará os países da Romênia, Bulgária e parte européia da Turquia (Trácia) para o ETS2. Vídeo Promo: DLC - "Caminho para o Mar Negro". Das pequenas aldeias encontradas no campo, à grande cidade movimentada de Istambul, esses três países são ricos em história, arquitetura única e marcos como o Castelo de "Drácula", encontrado na Romênia. Tudo isso veremos em nossas viagens na estrada para o Mar Negro. Tão impressionantes quanto as estruturas feitas pelo homem construídas nesses países são as paisagens naturais circundantes. Muitas de suas viagens podem levá-lo através de florestas, estradas costeiras ou cadeias de montanhas, como as encontradas na Transilvânia, que criam um passeio panorâmico para qualquer viajante. Então, quando a questão: "seremos capazes de explorar essas novas estradas por si mesmo?" Espera-se oficialmente confirmado liberar a expansão deste mapa no final deste ano.(2019). Em breve SCS software espera compartilhar mais conosco através dos próximos posts e em seus canais de mídia social. Enquanto isso, podemos já adicionar o "Caminho para o Mar Negro" - "Road to the Black Sea" à lista de desejos do Steam!
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