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  1. 2013 - 2018: xbox controller 2018 - ets3: g29 without a shifter Soon™ : Valve Index - IF truckersMP makes ets2mp VR ready!!!!11elf
  2. At least not everybody in this community is a clown like you. But thanks for taking your time to spill your b$ on me - 19 hours later - instead of providing a proper answer like the two others guys did. Keep up the good work buddy.
  3. First time Promods user. Which "mod" folder do i have to use to put the ProModes files in? ..\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod OR ..\Documents\ETS2MP\mod ?
  4. The Exp./Open Beta was out for testing/modding purpose for like one month with the possibility to enable DX11 and the TMP staff is starting to implement this "new" stuff after the 1.35 release? No offense, just curious. Ever heard of something like trunks and branches? And why is there no "hey we are at like 20% or so and need x more days/weeks/months". I for my self and a lot of people here dont get it. Maybe someone can enlighten us?
  5. Close TMP and making a real PROPER MP for ETS2 & ATS
  6. Nobody mentioned a PERMbann. At least the OP didnt mentioned it in his question. Calm down please. Occording to your reply you fellow GameMods are banning people for their own pleasure based on some rule you decide someone has broken. Keep driving your SJW Truck. HonkHonk <3
  7. I have the same experience and then disabled the option in the settings to avoid accidents with real truckers. Until further notice, I have not seen these generated accidents. EDIT: Ninjad
  8. The closed beta button is not working on my g29. What am i doing wrong?
  9. Unlike most of the feedback here, I would give it a try. Everybody needs a second chance and everbody has a bad day and compensates it maybe in a videogame in some sort of a way. Furthermore most of the bans - at least in my experience - are completly random, unnecessary and ridiculous. You could get the impression some GameMods banning for the own pleasure as some Former Game Mod Team Leader mentioned in this thread "I'd ban them all again." However if somebody is "reckless" or harmfull in any other way they have to be punished indeed.
  10. dx11/vulkan support - the game looks outdated less power consumption - my rig hits the 500watt while cruisen the autobahn even everything is black in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere an official multiplayer by scs - oh boi .. (lemme stop here or post will be deleted..) mods for official MP
  11. Indeed people tent to REC BAN you for every damn crap in this community. Yesterday my PC crashed with Bluescreen of death. As i rejoined the server i got banned for blocking and im sitting on an one month ban now. This report/ban thing is getting out of hands and the game moderators arent capable of handeling the responsibility they have! I guess they dont have a kick button just ban for a random amout of time.. Counting seconds till my post is getting deleted AGAIN.
  12. That is also my experience. Furthermore, even "unpleasant" posts are deleted without comment from the forum. I only play online because my wife likes to watch it and she can wish for ariana grande at truckersFM. To the OP: well said sir!
  13. I can't imagine SCS will partner up with TruckersMP. Just my 2 cents.
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