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  1. Feuerwehrmann23 [GER]

    Which DLC I should buy?

    Beyond the Baltic Sea is my very Beautiful
  2. Feuerwehrmann23 [GER]

    What Is Your Truck's KM ?

    My Scania have 31000 km
  3. Feuerwehrmann23 [GER]

    Favourite Mods for Singleplayer

    My favourite mod is the promods
  4. Feuerwehrmann23 [GER]

    Next DLC MAP in Ets2 !

    I would say is the Turkey.
  5. Feuerwehrmann23 [GER]

    What is the best route in Baltic DLC?

    It is beautiful everywhere, is a realy nice DLC.
  6. Feuerwehrmann23 [GER]

    How many hours do you play at ETS2 MP per day?

    I Play in the Weekends 4-5 Hours Truckersmp.