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  1. Thank you for the info Asir.
  2. I find this year's winter courage less slippery as I remember last year's fierce struggle to climb the obstacles of nature. Have these 2 files loaded into ets2mp/documents/mod. Frosty_8.scs and frosty_heavy_winter_8.scs Remember it as a wheel-spinning rally when a sharp highway-exit in Denmark was to be climbed. Have a good one out there. Transwarvet
  3. Hello I gave it my best shot and i came this far with set up. Thrustmaster T150 pro (3 pedals) thrustmaster gear Winter mod and i like it. a little more danger if you ask me:) https://grimesmods.wordpress.com/2017/05/18/frosty-winter-weather-mod/ Now to make a long story short, i cant find that sound mod to get FREE of unwanted sounds like summer sounds from the woods(Young people now a days) In another way, what more do i need to get in the ETS2MP file:) to get the best game in MULTIPLAYER and thank you guys for making it.
  4. EKKO-Dk

    Winter Mod

    the wintermod Frosty and Heavy wich folder to put it.. i assume in the doukments/ets2/multi not the single player folder newto thesim,, Hey skay Hey, You should try to check that your frosty winter mod files are not corrupted.Sometimes It happens that some files it's not downloaded properly. where to find button to enable wintermod remember to come across somewhere but iam old
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