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  1. hello everyone hows your weekend going

    1. Reaper9518


      Hello Towtrucker, on the one hand, my weekend was great, on the other, it is having to know that it will be Monday again. :( :lol:

    2. towtrucker856


      Tell me about it lol i had a great weekend as we all should lol but yea the Monday blues are back 

  2. well this sucks i got banned... hopefully soon i will be un banned. just waiting for a response, but any way hows everyone doing tonight?


    1. Scania LTD l Top Bloke

      Scania LTD l Top Bloke

      Dam bro that sucks to hear 😕  

      Got a few lil annoying things myself...my logitech G935 headphones broke :( so sent them off for replacement under warranty so could be better i guess haha


  3. I have that happen to me before I saved logged off and then reloaded and the icon appeared. It’s a hit or miss cause even on standard loads it’s done the same thing
  4. i use a sound mixing board and i have my satellite radio tied into it so i listen to that
  5. i had the same issue i was about to fix it by changing it from gamepad and back to joystick and back some how it fixxed its self. also check to see if there is any driver update that is needed for what your play on
  6. Soooo many to list but my main ones are farm sim 19 FiveM mudrunner project high rise oxygen not included Miscreated
  7. HELLO EVERYONE!!!! my IRL name is Andrew but everyone calls me TRUCKER LOL I am a IRL trucker I haul concrete plank from jersey to nyc everyone and some time Maryland, if y’all live near the I-95 highway and you see me make sure you wave lol, I’m also a firefighter for 14 years soon to be 15. You can say I do have a busy life but I would never change it for anything.
  8. I support the developers of the game so I have all DLCs for ATS and ETS
  9. towtrucker856

    IRL jobs

    Good evening everyone in the ATS community, well what does everyone do for a living and what are your hobbies? im a 29 year old truck driver from jersey i haul concrete slabs for big high rise building like hotels and apartment buildings in NYC im also a firefighter for 14 years going strong I’ve also one of the youngest guys that considered a life members witch is cool. some of my hobbies is model trains and fishing I’m in the process of building a full blown layout train set,
  10. out of the whole team that is making ETS and ATS only a couple people are developing the new maps/states i thing they are doing a heck of a job
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