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  1. nissam

    Black Screen.

    Make sure you press apply. Today i couple times changing video settings to lower but didnt help because i didnt press apply Defrag your hard drives if you have HDD drive and check gpu/cpu temperatures when you playing. Write your computer specs here.
  2. also check this C:\Users\username\Documents\ETS2MP config.txt }, "mods" : { "winter_mod" : true
  3. nissam

    Black Screen.

    Other games working? 1. reinstall graphics card driver 2. steam --> euro truck --> properties --> verify game files 3. look picture and try start game safe mode or try all them (steam library right click euro truck 2) 4. if you have two screens or more take them away
  4. C:\Users\username\Documents\ETS2MP\mod frosty_7_0.scs frosty_heavy_winter_7_0.scs frosty_physics_7_01.scs First my game didnt found mods but then i open singleplayer and enable mods that game menu. Then close singleplayer and open TruckersMP Launcher.exe i was lazy to find where is problem so i put both places C:\Users\username\Documents\ETS2MP\mod C:\Users\username\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
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