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  1. polgbx


    Yes, of course there are players that respect the traffic rules and drive correctly, but when it's like 3 out of 10, you end up thinking about the 7 that didn't do it. I know it's mostly the C-D road, and it's very easy to go to other places, but I think the "fun" of playing truckersmp it's on seeing people, like "real life". That's why most of us just stay on that area or nearby. Let's see if they try to fix it or be a little bit more strict on the bans for reckless driving.
  2. polgbx


    Yup, the problem here is just the ones crashing to everyone and trying to overtake on a traffic jam etc etc etc, they may get 1 week, 2 week ban but they are always back and still doing the same things over and over. And admins don't really care tbh.
  3. polgbx


    Obviously trucks can go more than 90kmh, but there's a thing called laws and at least where I live they must follow them because there's a lot of road traffic controls where they check absolutely everything. But this post is not about people just speeding, I don't really mind that. How many people do you see overtaking when it's safe to do it, how many people do you see just crashing into other drivers, how many people doesn't even respect traffic lights or stop signs or give away signs whatever there is, nobody cares. That's what this post was about
  4. polgbx


    @_europeantrucks_ what you said literally makes no sense mate
  5. polgbx


    What's the point on having a server called simulation when it's basically a server full of kids that the only thing they know is to go 110kmh ruining everybody's "experience"? It keeps getting worse and worse, and tbh admins don't really do anything about it. There's literally 0 servers where you can drive like a normal human being and not be rammed or crashed or whatever you wanna call it.
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